Top ways to make money as an NFT Developer

Money Making Opportunities – 4 Tips On How To Spot Them

Many people always wonder how it is that rich and successful people know how to spot money making opportunities where others do not see any. Others believe that all the good ideas are taken and there is nothing left to explore. This is a negative way to look at the world.

Kids, Wealth and How to Keep It

Do you know that when a family leaves the wealth it created in its life time to future generations that by the second generation 65% of the wealth is lost and that by the time the third generation receive it 90% is lost? This is an amazing statistic isn’t it? Why is this true?

3 Ways To Avoid Financial Stress

Financial stress is taking its toll on a lot more people these days given the direction the global economy is taking. One thing that’s for sure is that you are either going to learn how to swim with the economic tide, or drown. That thought alone is very scary to most people, because irrespective of what they may be going through, they are too scared to make any changes that stretch them beyond their comfort zone.

Four Exercises in Sanity (In a Wild and Crazy Market)

When it comes to our investments, why do we feel as if we must “react” in some way current events or short term volatility? Take these steps to maintain your sanity in a volatile market and keep your financial plan focused on your long term objectives.

Our Way of Life in America Is About to Change – For Better or Worse?

I believe there is an even bigger crisis lurking. Of course, the most important part of this situation is not what is currently happening but rather what you can do about it. I want to show you exactly what strategies I’m using personally, to protect and even grow my own money, and how you can prepare as well.

Creating Wealth – 3 Secret Tips

The main principle behind creating wealth is built on the age-old wisdom of providing value to as many people as possible, living on less than what you earn in the process, and investing the surplus in order to build long term security. Simple as it sounds, the devil is in the detail. This introduces the concept of looking at money as a seed which when planted in the right soil and nurtured, has the power to grow into money trees in your own backyard.

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Money

There is a little known secret that once learned and used can get your kids interested in money. Not just any money, but money they can actually earn. Want to know what it is?

Your Biggest Financial Risk

Every year, inflation cuts into the value of your finances. If inflation averages 3.50% per year, your money is worth 3.50% less every year. In this case, to keep pace with inflation, you need to earn at least 3.50% on your money after fees and taxes to maintain the same purchasing power.

A Life Preserver to Save You From Drowning in a Sea of Debt

Today’s finances and the economy are the major cause of stress in our society more than ever before. According to a Louis Harris poll, 96% of the people who lay awake at night are worrying about either their health or their finances. This type of stress can be a major cause of every chronic disease including diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

How To Create Wealthy Kids

The answer is a lot easier than you might think. In fact the answer is simplicity itself, the challenge is not building wealth but more about learning the right set of skills to achieve the result you want… to build wealth. But first we must answer one other question. What is wealth?

The Avenue To Wealth: Tips To Building Wealth In Tough Times

The avenue to wealth can be a little daunting, especially in tough times. Here are 5 tips to that can literally save you thousands, or build a fortune (see first tip).

Second Marriage Issues in Estate Planning

Multiple marriages presents its own set of issues when it concerns estate planning techniques especially if there are children involved from a previous marriage. Protecting your assets and assuring that your assets are going to the designated beneficiary instead of someone else might be a concern.

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