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Cultivate Productive Habits and Accumulate Mammoth Wealth

Wealth building and habits are like married couples. Productive habit is a critical factor in wealth building. Unproductive habit is however the pathway to poverty. Without cultivating productive habits, wealth creation becomes impossible. Studies have revealed that the rich are those who have acquired productive habits.

Transforming Debt Into Wealth – A Review

John Cummuta’s Transforming Debt into Wealth program guides us to manage our money properly. The basic idea conveyed is to pay all debts and then start investing wisely for the future.

Goal Setting and Wealth Building: The Unbeatable Combination

Wealth building requires direction to come to fruition. When you have a vision to accumulate wealth, you must first decide on which direction you are headed. You will then have to translate your vision into some definable short term goals. These goals will be in series of easy to accomplish steps which you have to put into writing. With these clearly written goals, wealth building becomes easier to accomplish.

Learn the Power of Accumulation to Build Wealth

Financial success comes from the power of accumulation. This power has to do with how adding a little on a constant basis can build into a fortune over time. It requires the vision to see where small efforts every day can lead to great accomplishments over time. Learn this and apply it and you will realize tremendous accumulation of wealth.

The 4-Hour Work Week – A Review Of Tim Ferris’ Book

Through introducing a new four step philosophy of defining a dream, managing time, liberating oneself of a locational constraint and making a business that is an automated revenue generator, Tim Ferris’s book teaches how to break free from a 9-5 work commitment to do what you have always dreamed of while earning from it at the same time. No doubt everyone wants to have a lifestyle where they make enough money from working a 4-hour work week and spend the rest of the time doing things they have always wanted to. Read on to find out how you too achieve this.

The Richest Man In Babylon – Review

One of the most essential things in every individual’s life; a proper know-how of finance is very essential to survive in this world. George S. Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” is a book which provides simple yet extremely valuable financial advice which can be of use to one and all. The book’s basic teachings in financial planning and managing wealth makes it a must read for young adults as well as those who do not have adequate knowledge on the subject.

High Interest Bank Accounts

In recent times holding on to your money has become increasingly difficult let alone investing it in the hope of gaining some interest on it. The stock market is more unpredictable now than it ever used to be, making it the playground of only the most savvy financial investors. So what about the average person with a bit of spare cash? As always, high interest bank accounts are the best option.

Greenbacks and Gold Bars

He who has the gold rules! The previous statement is more true today than ever before because there is a transfer of wealth about to take place in America, and quite possibly the world. The greenback (U.S.Dollar) will no longer be the wealth, it will be replaced by gold bars.

London Stock Market: The Romans Made It, the Bankers Captured It

London, the financial capital of the world and the largest urban zone in the EU. It was the Romans who built the City of London, a few centuries ago and today its clever bankers and traders in black suits that have captured the City of London and made it the Square Mile, where millions and millions are traded everyday. The London Stock Market is one of the most dominant markets of the world.

Stockholder or Stakeholder, The Difference That Really Matters

Have you bought any stock recently? I’m talking shares of a single company into which you have put your faith and your hard earned dollar. Do you know what you own – the business, competitors, barriers to entry, Book Value, Return on Equity, etc.? If not, then think again. The key to wealth is keeping your losses to a minimum.

Investment Funds – Not for the Wealthy Any More?

Recent reports seem to suggest the Ultra High net worth investors have changed their investment strategies away from traditional funds. This is having a significant effect upon the wealth management industry – prompting some to fear lasting damage is being done.

4 Crucial Benefits of Using Multiple Spread Betting Providers

A discussion on using multiple spread betting providers and how to reduce your exposure with financial betting firms. Finding the tightest spreads can also help you increase your profit with minimum effort.

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