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20 Months to One Million

Being the owner of multiple businesses, I am always conscious of my money from both a personal and professional perspective. Our lives are very much intertwined and often controlled by our ability to manage, save and spend our money. I was recently reminded of a great concept that I learned about when I was a teenager.

Wealth Building Power Strategy – Replication

For centuries, folks have been replicating themselves or a unit of activity to build their own empires. Create an income producing increment. Hire someone and train them to run it and then build another increment. Hire someone else to run the second increment and then construct another increment. Drive the replication process on and on until you have a large group of people or things or both supporting you.

Wealth Building – Are You in Control? Take the Quiz

Do you have control of your wealth building? Do you dream of and are trying to take steps to becoming financially independent? Take the quiz below and find out. After all, it’s your life, own it or be owned by someone else or worse, by a group of unknown people. Is this scary enough for you? Find out and see if you need to freak out or stay calm and fix the problems or simply go on your merry way.

Who Put the Money in Moneymaking?

Today the art of making money has allowed many business owners to participate in acts of philanthropy. These individuals give out of a sense of either abundance or genuine charity to benefit others. By centralizing commerce to the exchange of currency much more can be accomplished.

Money Making and the Family Guy

I think if husbands and wives understood what motivates the other to do the things they do they would find more common ground. The role of a family money making idea can be instrumental in allowing the man to become an improved provider while allowing the wife to feel that her ‘Guy’ is engaged in family life a bit more.

Self Bank, Mobile Money and the Emerging Mobile Commerce Global Order

Self Banking! What does that mean? Does it really mean I can be my own bank, receiving and keeping deposits for myself? Yes and No. Yes in that you will be able to keep and carry with you, your virtual vault receiving and making payments on demand anywhere anytime as you go, using your mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant PDA.

Wealth Building Strategies You Won’t Hear From Your Financial Planner – Part 2

I recently heard a success coach state that it’s easier to earn $60,000 in a month than $60,000 in a year! Imagine that – converting your annual income into your monthly income! Guess what? For more and more people this is becoming a reality!

The Pros and Cons of Being Able to Create Wealth Online

Anyone want to create wealth online? If you think it’s hard check this out. One thing is for certain. If you want to do this you are going to have to be a learner

How to Create Wealth by Better Utilization of Existing Resources – In Relation to Time Management

The pursuit of wealth is probably the one of, if not the oldest pursuit in the world. Many different approaches have been applied when it come to ways to create wealth and it appears that some, if not all, have incorporated better utilization of existing resources as a key strategy. Here I want to discuss the existing resource of time, and how we can convert time into wealth simply by becoming more structured and self disciplined in what we do and when we do it.

Wealth Creation – What is Involved and How to Go About Picking a Winner

Ever been afraid to venture out into the unknown. Well, now, when it comes to spending money to make money, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Here, revealed, is the starting formula you need to feel a bit more secure about going into business.

Fast Wealth Creation – How Serious Are You About Getting Wealthy Fast?

Serious about getting rich, and of course you want to do it fast, like everyone else. Just how serious are you? Get the low down here.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The Psychosis of Greed in Relation to Wealth Creation

Ever seen the green eyed monster appear? The greedy little man subsides in all of us. Read this and learn how to stop being overcome by obsession and still get rich.

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