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EFTs – Financial Engineering Gone Awry?

An ETF is according to the NYSE, an open-ended investment companies or unit investment trusts registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940. The benefits included lower costs, intraday trading, short positions, tax deferral and access to commodity, currency and emerging markets. What more could an investor want? Leave it up to Wall Street to take a good thing and let the zeal for profits create unforeseen pitfalls for unwary investors and an unprepared securities industry. The latest generation of ETFs has given us investments that are leveraged and inversely correlated which do not track indexes over time and commodity investments subject to the risk of “contango.” The investing public is at risk without a financial adviser who can provide advice about these new financial products.

Full Disclosure Supports Fiduciary Relationships in Any Regulatory Environment

Faced with numerous investment options investors rely heavily upon their broker-dealer to advise them which investment is suitable, consistent with their risk tolerance and investment objectives. A fiduciary relationship exists whenever confidence on one side results in superiority and influence on the other side, such as with a financial advisory relationship with a broker-dealer. This simple axiom is at odds with a system of compensation where investors do not always receive such advisement. Full Disclosure will provide the support needed to augment the enforcement efforts in a securities market which has shaken the entire fabric of our society.

Wealth Creation Strategies

What does being wealthy mean to you? Some people would like to think that being wealthy is the opportunity of being able to take your dream holiday at a moment’s notice or the assurance that if something unwanted does happen to you, your family will still have a roof over their heads and money in the bank.

Warren Buffett and How He Became a Billionaire

Mr. Warren Buffett is the only billionaire in Forbes list of 400 of the richest men in USA that made all his money solely by investing in stocks. Warren Buffett built his empire by using other people`s money in a limited partnership with less than a 100 people, he took a 25% share of the profits, that’s how he became a billionaire.

The Best Way To Build Wealth Is To Save Money

Saving money is easy when you realize that living in a wasteful, materialistic society means most people cannot even perceive value appropriately. Often people throw out things that could have otherwise been salvaged for other purposes, or is simply not the latest thing fresh out of the store. A few quick tips can get you started on your journey.

Six Questions to Estimate One’s Retirement Needs

How much money will you need? Where retirement planning is concerned, that is the first question everyone asks. The answer, of course, depends on your individual situation. In the end, how much you will need depends on your goals and how you want to live when you retire. Here are six questions that will help you decide how much to save for retirement.

Join the Million Dollar Club With 1,000 Dollars by Letting Your Money Work For You

The question any astute investor always asks when making an investment decision is how great the risk is compared to the return. If the risk is greater than the return, they walk away. But if the risk is minimal and the return is excellent, they most likely will proceed. With the right investment strategy, you can join the Million Dollar Club starting with 1,000 dollars by letting your money work for you.

The Millionaires Wealth Formula

How do you become wealthy? That is the question that many people ask everyday. What if you had a formula that would answer that question?

Wealth Building: Tips on Planning to Acquire Wealth Fast

Wealth building without planning is akin to a soup without salt, tasteless. Planning is creation. Planning is creating in advance whatever you want your life to be like. When planning is applied to wealth building, it enables us to in advance whatever amount of wealth we will love to accumulate. By planning we create events rather than reacting to them. In wealth building therefore, planning is very critical, without it wealth creation becomes a non event. The purpose of this article therefore is to showcase the role of planning in wealth creation.

Raising Money – Please Remind Me Why This Is NOT Taught in Schools?

Raising money is an integral part to any new company. In most cases it makes or breaks a startup. Here is why Entrepreneurs need to figure it out.

Best Investments for You 101

With these crazy economic times everyone is asking ‘Where can I put my money?’ We will offer some quick advice that has proven to be a safe place for centuries during economic crisis.

Becoming a Millionaire – 7 Habits of the Millionaires

Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire and have loads of money to spend? Being a millionaire is like being on top of the world and getting everything you want. Who wouldn’t want that kind of life? Becoming a Millionaire is easy, really easy. Don’t you realize that the millionaires we have today usually come from poor families and look at them now! They are millionaires and their heads are touching the clouds because of how rich they are.

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