Where Can You Build Wealth Now?

In a low interest rate environment like we have today, it can be frustrating to build serious wealth. At least it seems to be. If you earn 1% in a certificate of deposit at the bank, it will take you 72 years to double your money.

The Biggest Wealth Builder in 2011?

It’s no secret my favorite places to invest have been in commodities and in particular gold and silver mining stocks. I haven’t always been investing in gold and silver, only when the cycles indicate it’s the right time to own it. The cycle has years to go, but if you are lucky enough to see the metals pull back sharply, I’d be a buyer. If you haven’t started yet, at least a 5% position is a start.

Personal Finance: Build Your Castle in the Air

It is said (author unknown) that a neurotic person builds a castle in the air, a psychotic moves into it and a psychiatric collects rent. But before you dismiss this idiom as an old adage, think of this other expression: be careful what you wish for because it may come true. The truth is, we become what we predominantly think about and we also attract what we think about.

How to Attract Wealth!

True and lasting wealth doesn’t come from having a good job or earning a lot of money, because loads of people are presently broke who were once in this state. You are only wealthy when your money begins to work for you; when what you’re selling is much more than what you’re buying.

Financial Recovery – Finding Security After Age 60

Financial Recovery is an issue that most Americans are seeking in today’s times and speaking from experience, there are many obstacles to overcome in the current economic state. As a 60 year old baby boomer, not only are there obstacles, but there is a time crunch as well.

Three Effective Tips On Building Wealth

Building wealth is not something impossible as most people usually think it is. However, not everybody can do this effectively and to the same extent. Some people can do this way better than others because they adhere to simple but effective steps.

Urgent Message to Investors! The Most Important Uncovered News This Year!

The reason why a revolution in China can happen. And why it can have very important consequences on your investments.

How The Average Joe Can Learn To Invest Money

There is a way for us “average Joes” to make it HUGE in the investment world. It required a paradigm shift in the way I think about money. What I’ve found is like everything else, you just follow the money to see who benefits when you give them your business. Still, I wanted to know: “How can I learn to invest money?”

3-Point List To Gaining Financial Freedom

The secret to having more money is something I’ve stumbled across over the past 12 months. For weeks on end, I would work from my kitchen table late into the evening trying to find an equation that would allow me to gain financial freedom – because for a long while, times were very, very bleak.

The Law of Attraction of Money

Due to the current state of economy and rise in inflation, it has not been easy for most people to fulfill their dreams as they have always dreamt because they do not find it easy for them to be able to meet their daily needs in life. Generally in life once you are able to understand how money works, then you can easily understand how to attract it once you understand how the law of attraction of money works then most likely you will easily transform your life the way the principle states. Having money to…

Military Retirement Calculator – Plan for Your Future

Planning for our future is one of the most important things that we can do and something that the military offers is a military retirement calculator to help see where you are presently, and more importantly where you will be at the end of your service. There are three choices for military retirement. Final Pay, High-3 and CSB/REDUX…

In Creating Wealth, It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Keep That’s Important

Many people today do not understand what is required for creating wealth. Many people in fact take their finances for granted, only thinking about today, not planning for tomorrow. This is what has led to many of the problems that have occurred over the last few years: Maybe they had an above average income but still found themselves living paycheck to paycheck instead of learning to pay themselves first and begin working on their fortune.

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