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Top Places to Find AAA Corporate Bonds

As you’re preparing to make a large investment into corporate bonds, you need to consider the risk factors. Unless you are prepared to lose everything in a leap of faith to pursue a very high yield rate, you are likely looking for something of a long-term investment. This means you need to understand where the top AAA corporate bonds are.

Investing Wisely

When we sees the word, “Investment”, we often think that this is for the rich only. The Bible also talks about being faithful with what the Lord has entrusted to us and being accountable to Him for the decisions we make (Matthew 25:14 – 30). We need to secure our finances and do our homework before making any decisions in investing our money in the various investment instruments. Listed below are some of the investments you may consider.

Chaos Creates Opportunity – Just Don’t Lose Your Pants

It’s Time. Time to start looking again.

You Want to Do What? Align Your Goals

Goals. Are you on the same page as your spouse?

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs Having Good Years in Business

Last week, an article on CNNMoney shared stories of entrepreneurs who had started successful businesses in oil-rich areas like Williston, North Dakota. As I read through the different stories, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. Of course, I am excited that entrepreneurs are succeeding, but I’m also concerned that they won’t recognize success is never guaranteed. In some ways, entrepreneurs might have shorter time spans to succeed since they can experience just as many bad years in business as they do good ones. And the bad years can wipe out the savings of the good years.

Do You or Your Spouse Understand the Loss of Social Security Income on the First Death?

(And what about your pension income?) So, you and your (never worked) spouse were both born in 1950 and thinking about both taking early (age 62) Social Security monthly benefits. First, consider that the ‘normal’ retirement age for Social Security (for your ages) is 66.

Expected Future Returns in Global Markets

We live in an increasingly global world. In fact, as I have often mentioned, American companies are strongly involved in growth stories playing out in places like China, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, India and elsewhere – so, partly for this reason, I wanted to give you a flavor of growth expectations from major global economies that our companies are involved in. Secondly, I also believe that international assets should be a part of a well-diversified portfolio and so it helps to understand, at a very high level, where to potentially invest your money internationally for the best possible returns, perhaps through country specific ETFs.

The Risky Business of an Equity Capital Market

‘The higher the risk, the higher the profit’ – these words best describe the motivation behind every investor who invests in the stock market or in the equity market. It’s a risky business, but a business that involves all types of investors, large and small. Investments in equity capital markets are perceived to be the most risky form of investments. Wealth management services cater to providing advice on these same financial investments. Together, they go hand-in-hand as a combined function of the finance world.

SLV – Review of the Silver ETF

Investing in SLV is a good way to take advantage of the precious metals market for silver and still minimize your risks. There are several ways to use SLV; as an investment, as an investment with cash flow, as a trading vehicle, trading SLV’s options. There is a brief description of SLV’s makeup and some of its disadvantages.

3 Tips for Women to Become Empowered With Money

Women can easily gain the empowerment they desire by gaining the right knowledge. Knowledge is confidence. Knowledge is safety. Knowledge is power. Three ways women can become empowered with their money are to get educated about money, overcome their innocence and work with trusted experts.

Sound Financial Advice: Protecting Your Assets From the Economic Apocalypse

Looking for Sound Financial Advice on How to Protect your assets from the coming economic apocalypse? Look no further! This article will give you the insights you need to protect your assets from deflation and inflation.

The Path to Wealth

‘Wealth creation’ sounds heavy, doesn’t it? Put it this way: if you can balance a budget successfully and have a little left over each month, you have already started. Does that surprise you?

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