Feeling Financially Unworthy Of Fortune

Many of us tend to feel guilty about our financial mistakes even if they are not our fault. Again forgive yourself. When these feelings of unworthiness come up do not make yourself feel bad…just be aware that it is an old program is running in your head and it needs to be addressed because it is not doing you any good.

Give Yourself A Financial Break

You need to find a way to give yourself a break, a lucky break. This break might just be an emotional break to not be so hard on yourself. To understand that you are human and bound to make mistakes – this is your lucky break. Have you ever noticed that those people who seem lucky are always in a good mood or have a positive attitude?

7 Wealth Building Assets You Already Have

We often think that some people are financial successful because they are lucky or because they were already born rich. We think some people have advantages over us. I don’t agree with people who think that way.

Wealth Building and Asset Management: Amazing 3-Step Formula to Supercharge Your Wealth!

Markets have been showing wild swings over the last month or so. The Dow Jones plunged 600 points one day then surged 400 points the next! Gold rises above $1,900/ounce and then slides back to $1, 840. Nail biting stuff! But, what should you do about it? Markets volatility is a constant bedfellow of wealth building. Should you invest during a volatile market? If so, how can you grow and/or protect your money? Read on to discover this amazing 3-Step Formula!

Second Income Ideas

With the rising cost of gas and groceries, many more people are looking for some second income ideas that work. I have listed four simple and affordable ways to earn a second income from home without having to take a second job.

What Are Savings Bonds?

Savings bonds are a method of investing which attract a higher rate of return for your savings. This is in return for the saver agreeing to deposit their funds for an agreed time period where access to the money will be limited.

Roth IRAs Vs 401Ks

There are plenty of differences in between the Roth 401K and the Roth IRA. When trying to figure out the best route to take, when it comes to retiring it can be a little tricky at times. Some wonder, which is best for them, the 401K or the Roth IRA. Either way you go, you should be just fine. Both the Roth IRA and the Roth 401K are very good tools to help with retiring.

7 Secrets for Living Prosperously

We’ve been led to believe a lie – that there’s not enough. Of anything: love, money, time, stuff. Focus on the abundance you have in your life at this moment. Are you healthy? Are your children/animals healthy? Can you go for a walk around the block, see what there is to see? Get the point?

Should You Still Short Sell Stocks?

The Dow was at 11,000 5 years ago. And as I write this, it’s at 11,000 today! The Dow’s price hasn’t changed but the amount of stock held short…

Simple Wealth-Building Principles: Hobbies Equal Honey

Fun is part of life. Whatever you are doing, if you lack the sense of fun, you will never be the best you can be and get the best you desire by applying simple wealth-building principle. This article shows you a wealth-building fact.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

A good candidate for the best-known Robert Kiyosaki Quote is: “The poor work for money; the rich have money work for them.” I am going to make the assumption that most readers of this are familiar with his writings, and will ask the following question, what is your Robert Kiyosaki net worth? What’s the going value for the sale of a business? Isn’t it often the projected two years’ profits of the business being sold? Okay, then. If you were to ask me what my personal net worth is, according to Robert Kiyosaki, I would have to take the net earnings I made last month from the business I have been building recently, and multiply it by twenty four. That simple equation would be my personal net worth, since I currently have no additional passive sources of income to add to this.

The Art of Working With A Bookkeeper

Congratulations! You have made the decision to hire a bookkeeper. So here are 7 things you should do to get the most out of your bookkeeper’s services.

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