Putting Our God-Given Financial Talents to Good Use

When I was a young man studying in seminary, I used to wonder about the “fairness” of this passage. Here the Bible is telling us that the person who has talents, or money, will receive more; yet the person who doesn’t have any will lose even that much!

Money Secret # 2 – Does Money Make You Rich?

We are constantly influenced and effected by our surroundings. Especially on the subject of money. But how much do we know about money. The fact is, we know more about our past vacation plans then we know about our financial standing right this very moment. In this article, I will attempt to expose your believes on the subject of money, and with any luck help you learn secrets of money.

Guidance on Making Money Fast

Most of the people keep on trying to discover and implement ways on how to make fast money. This article covers couple of advices, which will assist these people. The foremost thing is to catch the big trends and grasp them. This will help to earn multiple gains.

The Seven Secrets of the Rich – Part 2 of 7 – Making Your Own Luck

If you’re bold enough to take deliberate action, you can build and sustain high income. Get the straight talk about building wealth. Learn the 7 secrets of the rich. Learn how to make your own luck.

The Fast Way to Make Cash

Do you want to gain knowledge on how to make Cash Fast? If you are interested in learning 3 key strategies on how to create significant cash and fast, read this article!

Success Coaching Your Way to Wealth

We truly are the result of our thoughts. If the quality of our thoughts is lacking, so will our results.

The THREE Major Routes to Wealth

To become RICH you must know a few things! And one of them is to be clear in your mind where your wealth will come from. In this short article, I expose to you the THREE major routes to wealth and their combination, through which most people become legitimately RICH. Enjoy it!

Financial Planning in Your 20’s and 30’s

Many people don’t start thinking about retirement until they get close to it, but financial planning should actually begin from the first day on the job. Here are some tips to help you make sure that you are on the right track.

Big Idea of SACCO Begun by African Women to Attain Financial Freedom

For as long as I can remember, African women have been meeting together and doing something constructive at least once in a month and contributing foodstuffs and other items. This made sure that their children never went hungry.

Millions of Dollars

Read how to think like a millionaire and get rich. Find quick tips for building wealth over time and sage principles that will ensure your success.

Strategies For Your Inheritance

There are few things that involve more emotions, than inheriting. There is the grief of losing a loved one, combined with the joy of financial stability, and also the remorse for being happy and enjoying the money.

Keeping the Money You Won at the Lottery

Handling the money is not as easy as you expect. It is very common that prudent people get into reckless spending, and in a few years, they have nothing.

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