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3 Things You Should Know About Making Money!

Understanding what money is, what it is used for, and how to keep it flowing into your life. This all sounds so simple right? How much money is flowing into your life? Is it always there when you require it to be? Do you understand the true value of your service or opportunity? Are you making the income you feel you deserve? Is money steadily flowing into your life as much as it is flowing out? The sooner you truly understand these three truths, the more abundant your life will become!

Rare US Gold Coins – A Safe Hedge

For the keen collector and diversified investor, U. S. coins deliver both personal and economic rewards. More specifically, acquiring rare U.S. Coins is considered a sound investment.

Easy Ways on How to Earn Money

Money is used as medium of exchange on transactions that are being performed by people for their every day living. In ancient times, in place of money, common items with value had been used for bartering or exchange of goods for another one in particular. For example, yams may be exchanged for milk from cows.

Freedom Or Security? Wealth Won’t Come to Those Who Wait!

So, you want wealth? Are you planning to win the Lottery, or marry a millionaire? How many millionaires have proposed to you? What are the chances of winning the Lottery? Can you make these things happen? Of course not! But there is something you do have control over. You can build your own wealth.

Time to Be Optimistic in Equities?

I often adhere to a strict investment philosophy based on fundamentals taught by Warren Buffett. I am not concerned with how a stock performs a day, a month, or even a year after I pick it. I am concerned only with the business itself.

How to Control Your Thoughts

Now consider this. All the powers of the Universe are already yours. It’s just you who have put yourself in darkness, you are just what your thoughts have made you.

Thoughts Are a Powerful Stimulant

Thirty million people, including 500 Self-made millionaires, have used These closely guarded secrets to achieve complete financial success in their life. The question is are you willing to learn from them too, or will you continue to make excuses why only the LUCY become rich? Finally for the first time ever, the number one success book of all time is updated, analysed and explained in this brand new and ground breaking online video seminar you can attend in the comfort of your own home 24/7 …

What You Can to Do Increase Your Wealth, Starting Today

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? I’m yet to meet that person, but of course there are plenty of people out there who are far from being a millionaire, many of whom live way beyond their means. Want to know what you can do to increase your wealth? Read on.

Current Bank Interest Rates

Current bank interest rates are on the rise. Back in May/June 2008, 6-month bank rates ranged from 3.35% to 3.50% and 1-year bank rates were around 3.70%. Now competition, demand, and inflation concerns are pushing short-term rates into the 4.00% to 4.25% range.

Protecting Wealth in This Economy

I write a lot about inflation. It is amongst the greatest evils in the world as it robs us invisibly. Unfortunately, it is not a very popular subject. Our economy has been getting worse and worse with each passing day. Prices have been skyrocketing in everything we buy–some relief may lie ahead with the recent correction in oil. With inflation and economics being such an uninteresting topic to most people, I figured I’d write about something we all care about: money.

Offshore Bank Accounts Are Still A Top Asset Protection Opportunity

Once, only the wealthiest of business people dealt in offshore asset protection. Today, protecting your assets offshore is available to nearly anyone. This asset management strategy can protect your wealth from many unforeseen circumstances.

California Corporations

State of California legislation makes it economical and advantageous to incorporate a business in California. The Prepaid Minimum Franchise Tax has been reduced for certain “qualified new corporations”.

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