Bankruptcy and The History of Country Debt

With recent happenings, especially in some European countries, the issue of a country being bankrupt has been a constant matter for discussion. Having recently read the history of the colour red and the importance of collection, ownership and the use of cochineal to the Spanish Empire (and others), and that Phillip II declared Spain bankrupt four times, we wondered a little more about the history of countries declaring bankruptcy. One assumes that in ancient times ancient law would have been harsh for a country which could not pay its debts, however this was not necessarily the…

How to Make Money Right at Home – The First Step to a Wealthy Lifestyle

Between all of the gimmicks and scams out there on the internet that promise easy money online, it is hard to tell when there is one that actually works. I currently use an online work program from my own computer and I am shocked at how well it works.

5 Steps To Buying Profitable Tax Liens

But before you protect your investment and profit from it, you first need to prepare to be a successful tax lien investor by taking the steps necessary to buy profitable liens. Here are what I call the 5 STEPS to purchasing profitable tax liens.

You Can Be Rich And Broke: Cash Flow Is King

Most people look for capital gain when it comes to investing. Net worth is based on estimated value rather than actual cash flow, hence you can have a millionaire who is stone broke – asset rich but cash poor. They are worth millions but are broke at the same time, contending with past due bills. A minor financial crisis can cause them to dispose of their assets at a giveaway price. Negotiating property price with an owner who desperately needs the money is every buyers dream. When they sense the desperation, they lower their bid. They buyer calls the shots. He who has the gold makes the rules.

How to Be a Billionaire – Money Management Systems

If you always find yourself out of money because you overspent your salary or savings, then perhaps you need to learn more about managing your money instead of budgeting it. This money management strategy is all about creating habits, mindset awareness and a little understanding about your spending habits.

Build Wealth Online With Put Option Trading

The stock market is one of the most popular ways to make money. Within the stock market a very very easy way to build wealth is with options trading. I make 15 to 20% every month by trading options, more specifically put options.

Why You Need A Trading System to Build Long Term Wealth In The Financial Markets

The best option that I have ever found for building long term wealth in the financial markets is to devise a system and then follow it to the letter when trading or investing. A trading system has many advantages that allows a person to trade the markets in a very non emotional and efficient manner.

Financial Asset: Life and Death to Know The Difference

Finally, the REAL definition of what a financial asset is. You will discover what a financial asset is and knowing the definition will change the way you invest in the Stock Market and Real Estate Market. This will change your financial destination. Enjoy…

4 Year CD Goldman Sachs Style

The Goldman Sachs 4 year CD is another product created by Wall St. to be sold rather than bought by investors. The stock market hasn’t performed well over the past 10 years and it’s due for way, way better performance, even 5-6% per year. If that happens, investors who buy this Goldman Sachs 4 year CD will leave major moolah on the table because their upside is capped and there is no compounding of interest.

The Lottery Draw Secret Code Uncovered

Can you use a maths system to win the lotto draw? A Professor of Mathematics claims that you can and what’s more, he has done it five times already!

Principles for Successful Investing: Stick With Stocks, Diversify and Invest for the Long Term

Amid reports that investing in stocks and other financial assets no longer makes sense, we remind investors that the time-tested principles of sound investing remain the same. Just as they were 50 years ago, strategies such as asset allocation, diversification, and investing for the long term are critical. While stocks have been through a difficult period over the past few years and ongoing market volatility remains high, we believe that stocks continue to play an important role in your long-term financial plan, even in retirement.

Investing for Retirement Strategy

The popular investing for retirement strategy is to have a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and cash that compounds and grows as you reach your retirement age. When you go thru life’s different phases, from career or business life, to retirement and beyond retirement, your investment philosophy may change because of negative mindset and unrealistic expectations.

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