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Volume 7 of Your Money Answers – Sacrifice Now for the Future

The meaning of sacrifice is to surrender of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim. Sacrifice is good. Sacrifice will not benefit you in the short term; it will benefit you later.

5 Ways to Accumulate Wealth

There are lots of ways to accumulate wealth and every method will depend on how you implement it and whether or not it is suitable to your financial capacity and determination to try new things. And while some people may think that investment is the key towards wealth accumulation, you can actually start with a few simple steps to begin your journey towards wealth building.

How I Made $200 in 15 Minutes

It’s not what you think; my adventures with a parking citation. How did I make $200 in 15 minutes? I’ll disclose every detail, so hopefully you can learn from my mistake!

Royalty Owners and Lottery Winners – Treacherous Waters Ahead

Anybody know some great success stories about the winners of multi-million dollar lotteries? They seem hard to find, at least compared to how easy it is to find stories of the lives and families that have become fragmented over how those winnings were shared and used. Similarly, horizontal shale wells are creating wealth for mineral owners, even as most of our country’s population is in the middle of the most difficult economic times experienced in our lives. A relative handful of royalty owners, compared to our total population, are coming into significant, life changing wealth. Kind of like winning the lottery, isn’t it? Is it a curse to win the lottery or gain royalty wealth, or could it just be a curse to unwisely manage and steward those funds?

Saving For College? Start Early, Tuitions Are Rising

Tuitions for college have been rising at an annual rate of about 8% for the last 50 years. There is no reason to believe that this trend will come to a halt anytime soon. Add to this that the average household income has barely risen at all in real terms, and you have a major financial gap.

The United States Is the LARGEST Debtor in the History of the WORLD!

The debt of the United States can only be measured in astronomical numbers. Billions and trillions of dollars could just as easily be “light years” to the average American. Most Americans have delegated all control and concern for this debt to government officials (both elected and unelected.) However, the fact is that the massive debt of the country has a direct affect on the personal finances of every individual and every business.

Residual Based Income

The easiest way that residual based income can be described is that you do the work once and then you get paid for that work over and over again. It is like your boss paying you for your work last Tuesday, next week and the week after that and the month after that and next year as well. This would be fantastic.

Is Asset Allocation Dead?

You have heard over and over again that asset allocation or diversification is dead. Some people even call it de-worsification. But is it really?

Current Inflation Rate Misinformation

The current inflation rate is an up to date measurement of how fast the money supply is growing.  This is extremely important for all members of our society.  The greater the current rate of inflation is, the faster our currency is devalued.

Wealth: What It Means

A philosophical and psychological understanding of economics. The history of economics. The economics of ancient societies.

Passive Residual Income – 5 Reasons You Should Get One

Having a passive income gives so many benefits! Earning money without working opens up a lot of possibilities. You have great freedom compared to someone who does not have a passive income. Here are the reasons why you should have one!

Do You Know What You Own and Why You Own It?

The first serious question I ask new or prospective clients is “Do you know what you own and why you own it?” Most people are surprised by my question; unfortunately, almost no one is able to answer it accurately.

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