The Ostrich Error

Often the things that we are most afraid to examine are not quite as scary as we had imagined. Financial planning and wealth management fit into this category more frequently than some may know.

All Wealth Learning Lessons Are Not Learned in a Traditional Classroom

Did you know that many of the most successful men of our times never completed the entire “get a good education,” that leads to a good job process? Examples, neither Henry Ford nor the Wright Brothers ever even finished high school. More recently, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg…

2012/13 ISA Contribution Limits

Future increases to the annual ISA allowance will be linked to CPI rather than RPI. However this still remains one of the most useful, tax efficient investment allowances you can take up.

How to Sell Your House Fast Using Mini Leveraged Buyout to Sell Homes Fast

Sometimes you can borrow a technique from one field to solve a problem in another field. The leveraged buyout, a smaller version than the purchase of RJR Nabisco for $25 billion, under the right circumstances can sell your house fast for more money. Only some houses qualify and check what you doing with an expert if this is new to…

Economic Prediction and the Six Syndromes

Are you an investor in stocks, commodities, or property and want to know who to trust to give you advice. You first need to be aware of the six syndromes that can rob you of your hard earned nest egg. The answer is simple, do your own research. With the Internet the information is within arms length.

Saving Towards Your Goals

Get started with understanding how to track your expenses, save your money, and ready set, start building towards your goals! Find a great software program that will rival your investment advisor’s sophisticated program. Get your goals ready before meeting with your investment advisor.

How Often Do You Check Your Bank Accounts?

I like to check mine typically once a day. Two or three times on paydays. Typically I wake up, wipe the drool off my face and log into my online banking to start my morning off right. It gives me a peace of mind to make sure the money is still there, the right withdrawals happened, deposits are in place and that there is no funny activity.

Financial Takeover: Leaving a Legacy

Two things are guaranteed in life-taxes and death. One of the most difficult challenges for families to handle is the death of a loved one. There is a painful void and a long, healing process that takes place. There is also a realization of a harsh but undeniable truth: In most cases, when a loved one dies, so does his or her income.

Storage Unit Auction Strategy – How To Win Storage Wars

If you’ve seen any of the reality TV shows like Storage Wars featuring auction hunters from all across the United States, I bet you’d be pretty excited to learn about how you can get in on the action and start bidding on profitable units too. Storage unit auctions have been around for a very long time now, but it’s only recently that people have started paying more attention to the promising profits of a stocked storage facility.

How To Positively Build Your Wealth and Save Your Health At the Same Time

How many people would like to create more wealth? Are you willing to create this wealth at the expense of your health? Would you being willing to accept $1,000,000 dollars if it meant only having six months left to live?

Top High Return Investments

High return investments are simply investments which bring you a high profit. Every investor wishes to identify one or more investment platforms they can make high profits from. Choosing the type of investment is a tall order however. The more returns you are out to get, the higher the risks.

Learning How to Become Wealthy

You don’t need an Ivy League degree to become wealthy. EVERYONE can learn the principles of wealth creation.

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