How To Retire Wealthy

Retiring from a job refers to the time when you stop working but it doesn’t always means that there will be a pause on your earning. After retirement one can either live a life full of enjoyment without any responsibilities or life can become difficult when lack of money makes it hard to fulfill even the basic necessities of life. In some point of job every one of us comes across a thought about how retire wealthy.

How to Get Rich Without Earning More Money

How can this be? If you ask me to give you one piece of advice that would change your financial life forever it would be this- It is not how much you make, it is how much you spend. How am I getting richer and richer without making more money? Simple. The things that I emotionally feel like I need keep getting smaller and smaller.

High Frequency Trading May Compel You to Re-Evaluate Your Stock Trading Strategies

The biggest traders on Wall Street are no longer humans representing Brokerage Houses, but uber-speed computers. These electronic traders do not require human intervention to execute their trades, but rely on pre-programmed instructions based on complex algorithms. The trader – in this case the computer – has no equity expertise and does not know the underlying value of the companies or their stocks. It can make thousands of decisions and execute thousands of trades within micro-seconds. What the computer lacks in fundamental knowledge it more than makes up for in rapidity of trade execution and analysis of trends. This new technology represents a “game changer” for investors.

Precursors to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

The answers to wealth-creation are not taught on the job, or even in the classroom; but our parents would traditionally guide us in these directions anyway. Their guidance was, however, somewhat misguided! Read examples of how self-made millionaires managed to change their financial futures with just one simple strategy!

A Secret To Wealth Creation: Energy And Energy Deregulation

We see wealthy people on the news or some financial interview all the time. Reason being is that we want their formula or secret to how they have created their wealth and continue to make their wealth. We all are interested in that because we want to do what they do, or at least try.

Expense Control

Wealth coin’s other side is expense control. The article highlights a few common mistakes all of us commit but should not. The key to expense control is to be aware that unnecessary expenses constantly eat away our savings. Start with small steps and you will find that things slowly fall into place. The article is specific for readers in India though most of the ideas expressed are universal.

Asset Diversification – Why and How You Should Diversify Your Assets In Your Investment Portfolio

You’ve heard about Asset Diversification. And maybe you’re practicing it too. Or at least you’re trying. But are you successful? Read on to find out how you can truly diversify your assets to grow your portfolio.

Tax Lien Investing That Is Done for You

Is there such a thing as tax lien investing that is done for you, where you just give your money to someone else and let them do all the work for you? Can you purchase profitable tax certificates without doing the due diligence and going to the tax sale yourself?

Wealth Building Depends On Low Taxes

The hue and cry in American society today is “tax the rich.” Some on the left even screech “Eat the rich!” The collectivist/statistics currently running the U.S. government continue to barrel down the road of high taxes and high spending, encouraging class envy, and putting America firmly on a path toward confiscatory taxation. And they, along with their sycophants in the media, never seem to run out of fools who can be persuaded that this is the correct course for the country…

How to Avoid The Competition At Tax Sales

I have 3 different strategies that I use at tax sales. Two of them are strategies that I use for live tax sales and the other one is a strategy that I use for both online and live tax sales.

How to Get Out of Debt and Get Rich Easily

Since you are reading this article, there is a high possibility that you are in debt and you are looking for a possible way out. All you have to do is open your mind. There are various opportunities knocking on your door. Once you open, there is a whole new world waiting for you.

How Bonds Work

Out of all of the investment conversations I have with my clients, it seems that most of them don’t understand what bonds are and how they could fit into their portfolio. Do You “Get” Bonds?

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