If you’ve lost money in bitcoin, here’s what you NEED to know | Lyn Alden

Goldman Sachs Lost Money – Find Some For Yourself

Is lost money owed to Goldman Sachs? The beauty of financial markets is its sheer unpredictability.

Money and the Law of Attraction Secret – Change Your Vibration Forever!

Much has been talked and written about the Law of Attraction. Many people are troubled by money problems at some time in their life. When it comes to Wealth and Money, The Law of Attraction is a powerful life force that works on the simple principle of ‘whatever you think about, you bring about’.

Roth IRA – To Convert or Not to Convert? That is the Question

Over the past months changes have been made to the tax code as to allow a greater pool of retirement savers to convert their IRA’s to ROTH IRA’s. The question everyone is asking is, is it worth it for me? Let’s take a few minutes to understand the pros and cons of this process.

Could There Be an Easy Way to Build Wealth and Accumulate Money Beyond Belief?

Money making is not easy business. Or so they would have you believe. In fact, if you develop the right mindset and rid yourself of unhealthy beliefs, money making will become easy for you.

What Are CFDs?

CFD stands for Contract for Difference, a CFD is a type of derivative contract taken out between two different parties, the buyer and seller. The seller has an obligation to pay the difference between current price of a specific share or other instrument over which the CFD is based and the price at the time of selling the contract to the buyer. Should the difference be negative (a loss), it works the other way round where the buyer pays the negative difference to the seller.

Thinking and Saving Money

Saving money is always a challenge. It requires people to change the way they think in order to keep more of what they earn. Once you figure out how to stop spending you will be on your way to saving.

Gold As an Inflation Hedge

One US dollar in 1801 has now become worth about 5 cents when adjusted for inflation or the cost of living. If we had purchased a dollar’s worth of gold in 1801 however, that gold would be worth $1.40 adjusted for the same cost of living inflation increases.

Wealth Success – What Are the Key Methods Behind to Achieve Wealth?

Wealth Success does not come out of the blue. You will need to apprehend and execute the steps to achieve it. These steps are always used by the wealthy people for them to become even more richer.

Gold As Money

We all understand and acknowledge instinctively that gold is the same thing as money even though it is officially not. This is because it meets more of the criteria for being regarded as “money” than any other commodity.

Learn the Universal Wealth Secret Principles to Make Better Your Life

This article discusses the importance of wealth secret principles used by the rich men that make them so successful in their lives. These are natural wealth secret principles but they are often being ignored by many.

Focusing on Wealth

When you seek and concentrate and focus on building wealth, opportunities will show up. If you go looking for failure you will find that too. If you wait on success it will never just show up. In fact if you wait for just about anything, all you’ll end up getting is an ability to tolerate waiting. Go out and get it!

Don’t Get Married to Your Ideas – Ways to Become Rich

What I want to talk about today is very closely related or actually a component of the flexibility that I talk about being so important in business and that is the idea of making sure that you are not allowing yourself to being married to any particular idea. What I mean about being married to an idea is when you’ve allowed your mind to be so asphyxiated on things going a certain way or an idea about your business or a certain aspect about your business that you are not willing to being open…

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