How Web 3.0 Developers can make $$$ with Bug Bounties

Don’t Segment Africa Into Investment Regions

Using a traditional market segmentation approach in Africa doesn’t work. To get the super returns for which Africa holds the potential, it’s essential to use a fresher model.

Financial Success Strategy: Diversify Or Die!

Times have drastically changed, we are living in a new economy in our world today. It is placing incredible demands on businesses and their employees. Hours are being cut, pay is slashed, unemployment is higher than we’ve ever seen it and businesses are closing by the droves. And, along with this poor economy, so many other critical fundamentals of society are being effected in negative ways. It requires us to adjust our financial thinking and strategy.

Is It Time to Get Back Into the US Property Market?

The US property market has been in the doldrums now for a while. There are a number of indicators that are suggesting that mortgage backed securities are becoming an investment to consider. Alternatively there are other avenues for getting exposure to this market.

LinkedIn Files for $175 Million IPO

LinkedIn was found mainly to provide connections on a professional level, we see it as another social network online and like many social networks they are only good until another site comes alive. We are a little skeptic about LinkedIn, our concerns here are; will they survive?, do they have enough business plan to keep up with the competitions?

From Frugal Family to Rich Family In a Few Simple Steps

Can being frugal make you rich? You bet. Discover tips of frugal families and find out that frugal living doesn’t have to be hard. You can easily make some simple changes to your lifestyle to help your family live better and be more frugal – allowing you to save money and build your family’s riches.

How to Supercharge Your Dreams and Goals in the Midst of Breakdowns and Set Backs

Oh yes, it’s the beginning of a new year and for many, it marks the beginning to make significant changes to improve health, get fit, get a handle on finances, increase business, improve relationships, to be a better person… the list goes on. Have you noticed that your commitment and determination to make the changes you know you need to make start off strong, and then you bump right back into your old habits which take you back into your old life again?

Medium Term Notes And Capitalization

How the capital markets have increased demand of medium term notes over the last ten years. The markets are affected not only in the public market, but the non-public, private market too.

Recipe For Getting Rich

Abundance is energy. Our actions either block or contribute to the flow of the energy of abundance in our life. The more you give, the more you will receive. Practice this recipe to keep abundance flowing in your life.

5 Habits of Financially Successful People

What is the true definition of financial success? Although it varies from person to person it can usually include: the ability to pay bills without worry, being free of debt, and having enough money in savings for things such as emergencies, family vacations, retirement, college funds, and more.

Ways To Become Rich

There are many ways to make money, but little to gain big money. It is also known by many bad ways that precedes a good way to become rich when it comes to ease and the amount of money earned. The right way is always the safest some ways are mentioned below: Pay yourself first: Automatic and do not miss a payment to yourself. Pay yourself first: Automatic and do not miss a payment to yourself. You must register at least 10% of every dollar they earn. If you want to increase your wealth at a faster pace, saving 15% to 20%.

How to Create Positive Cash Flow – While Waiting for Your Real Estate Property to Sell

Have you recently purchased real estate property that you are trying to sell for a profit but have no prospects for a sale? Perhaps you want to invest in Real Estate but are hesitant due to the slow economy and a soft market. It is said to be a buyer’s market, which is an excellent time for people to invest in real estate. This is certainly true for investors that are successful buying and selling houses way below market value. But what happens when you buy a house for purposes of flipping, and it doesn’t sell as quickly as you need it to? It sits there for months, tying up your cash and possibly causing you to end up with an unwanted mortgage note.

Can You Protect and Grow Your Wealth Using ETF’s?

With the threat of inflation looming and the value of the dollar sinking, how can you protect your wealth? The stock market has shown some recovery but with economic growth weak and unemployment unchanged can the markets continue to rally? The Federal Reserve has just printed another $600 Billion dollars (QE2) of paper money and used most of it to buy paper Treasuries which puts more downward pressure on the US dollar. Can using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’S) be an answer to help protect your wealth?

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