How to Hack Smart Contracts: Beginner’s Guide

Instant Gratification – The Downfall to Building Wealth

How did we become a generation that wants things now, no matter what? It seems as if instant gratification is ingrained in us.

Now is the Time to Invest in Gold and Silver

Is now a good time to make a gold investment or a silver investment? The gold price and the silver price have both risen steadily, and rather dramatically, from 2005 to the present. Has this rise run its course or is it merely a beginning? These important questions deserves honest consideration.

The AOCS Face Value – Six Reasons Why It’s Essential

AOCS barter medallions are valued within a nationwide barter network at fifty units per troy ounce. While the type of unit is not defined, participating businesses accept one ounce of AOCS silver in exchange for fifty dollars worth of goods and services. Given that the face value does not seem to relate to the daily spot price of silver, two frequently asked questions are how does AOCS determine the face value and why is there an AOCS face value in the first place?

Weath DNA – An Overview

If you want to lose weight, there are only two very simple things that need to be done. Despite being simple, they are not easy to stick with long enough to become a normal way of life. As a result, the majority of overweight people do not succeed in losing weight for more than a few weeks or months. Similarly, only 5% of the population is wealthy or reaches financial independence. Why is it that despite reading books, as well as attending financial courses, seminars and presentations, most people do not take the next step and invest?

Increase Your Ability To Earn

Hard work has not hurt anyone. In your early stages of wealth creation you may have to see how you can increase your earning ability. The easiest place to start is at your place of employment or your job. Now, don’t rush off to see your boss about a pay rise…. if you deserved one he would have given you one by now. What I mean is, make yourself more valuable to your employer. Preceding accomplishment must be desire and this desire must be strong and definite. ‘The person that seeks to learn more of his craft shall be rewarded.’

Establish What You Are Worth

There are at least three ways to think about what you are worth, and you need to keep them all in mind. Believing in yourself can give you the strength that you need to stay motivated when you encounter setbacks and obstacles. The difference between those who fail and those who make it, is that the successful ones believe in their ultimate success and keep going.

Money – We All Need It

Unless you are fortunate enough to be left a legacy, the only money you will ever have working for you is that which you save from your current income and invest. That is why the main element of financial planning is to siphon off part of all current income and invest it where it can multiply in tax-favoured growth investments such as superannuation, real estate or shares.

How to Increase Your Net Worth

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to build a successful company and be financially secure. Here are some tips for everyone on increasing their net worth, and therefore increasing their financial security and improving their chances of securing business credit.

Cash Flow Tips – The Number 1 Component Rich People Use to Find Opportunities

If you believe there are no opportunities out there due to the current economic conditions, you may never survive in these challenging, changing times. Why? Because if you do believe there are no opportunities out there you are lacking the #1 component of the rich and how to get rich.

Invest Like an Ant

Investing like an ant is a concept that we may need to take to heart. There is no ultimate investment. Investments are comprised of different categories. Investing is a process of having a continuous, long-term focus.

Is the Love of Money the Root of All Evil?

In society, money seems to be considered a necessary “evil” and religions have often used the phrase that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. But why would something inanimate like money be the root of all evil?

What Are the Factors Influencing Risk Tolerance?

The factors which surround risk tolerance can vary from person to person, but there are some consistencies in the pressures that some investors experience. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key determinants in how well investors handle risk.

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