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Building and Starting Your Own Passive Income

This article educates people on how to build as many streams of passive income possible that would allow them to get out of the rat race. People now-a-days believe that employment is what would drive them towards financial freedom yet that is a challenge this article poses.

You Need More Income

The middle class crunch is real. You need more income to survive.

Why You All Need To Strive To Make One Million Dollars

The songwriter says: “If I can see it, then I can do it, if I just believe it,there’s nothing to it”. For you knuckleheads out there; this means that whatever you can envision and believe that is very easy for it to happen. Think about making a million dollars and guess what?

The Nuts and Bolts of Triple Net Leases

One way to achieve better, more solid returns is by investing in a better grade of real estate. Triple Net Lease properties offer solid cashflow, reputable tenants and a faster way to grow your portfolio. Learn more.

The Difference Between Savings and Investment

Not all earning members of the society are aware of the merits and demerits of a savings or an investment plan or of the difference between the two. This is the knowledge which is not considered basic education sadly and ultimately you have to rely on internet sources or an accountant to take the best decision for you as far as your income is concerned. This is the reason why new professionals are confused about what to do with their leftover money after they have paid their bills.

Teach Your Children About Money – Very Essential

Man’s journey on the road to success begins at the age of accountability and continues on a daily basis for the rest of his life. As soon as a child is wise enough to claim any money given to him/her as ‘my money’; that child is ready for Financial Literacy lessons.

How to Create and Sustain Wealth

The process of wealth creation, though not so easy, is quite simple. Anyone who simply follows the basic principles of wealth creation shall surely become wealthy. There are four basic principles for creating and sustaining wealth. These are: Giving Saving Investing and Spending wisely It is very important that we teach our children these principles of wealth creation and sustenance. If our children start practicing them now, they will become wealthy early enough and will be able to pass those wealth creating habits onto their own offspring as well.

The 40 Percent Rule

How do the wealthy stay wealthy? The 40 percent rule of course.

Robo-Advisors Match Technological Precision With Human Wisdom

Technology has made everything better, faster, and cheaper over the years, and investing is no exception. Indeed, many robo-advisory firms have launched in the last five years touting the benefits of algorithmic investing rather than human selection. But in a world where convenience sometimes seems to trump involvement, can we really rely on the marvels of our modern age to their fullest.

Some Things Are More Important Than Your Certificate of Deposit Rates

Long-term investments are a key component of retirement planning. When it comes time to research technical details like certificate of deposit rates, however, it’s worth noting that some things are more important.

4 Solo 401k Mistakes That Could Land You in Trouble

Solo 401k is an excellent option to accelerate retirement savings and venture into alternative investments; however, as a plan owner, it is your duty to ensure legal compliance of the plan. Understand prohibited transactions better and avoid costly tax mistakes in future.

Spending Habits of Retirees Revealed

One of the most difficult parts in Income Planning for our pre-retiree and retiree clients is all of the assumptions that need to be made to construct the plan. For example – how will spending change post-retirement from pre-retirement. One would think that spending would increase due to all of the “free time” that retirees early on in their retirement years discover.

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