What Is a Cash Flow Statement and How Can Investors Use It to Their Own Advantage?

One of the three financial statements that an investor will need to become familiar with in order to trade stocks successfully is the Cash Flow Statement. This article provides an overview of what the statement is and how it can be interpreted.

What Is Passive Income?

With all the people tired of working 9 to 5 shifts, passive income has become a popular option for many. The term has been defined differently by various sources. This, in turn, leads to confusion to some about what is passive income in reality.

Wealth and Financial Freedom

Wealth is the abundance of valuable material. Financial Freedom is being free from worrying of payments. If you combine Wealth and Financial Freedom it is being abundant from all the valuable materials without considering the cost.

Building Your Net Worth – 5 Tips For Amassing Wealth

How to build a high net worth. 5 tips explained.

3 Things You’ll Need to Succeed in Business

3 important qualities you’ll need to succeed. Without these you won’t get anywhere in business.

What Is Goodwill on a Balance Sheet?

One of the most confusing things for new investors is understanding a line of accounting called goodwill. In this article, a brief understanding of goodwill is established so investors can capitalize on this understanding before a new stock is purchased.

What Is a Balance Sheet and How Can I Use It for Investing?

A balance sheet is a financial statement that provides information about the company’s assets and liabilities and the shareholder’s equity. There is a specific formula that all sheets follow. Basically, the assets of a company equal the liabilities plus the equity of the shareholders.

Can You Really Get Rich By Saving Money?

Is the money in your savings account growing exponentially? Or is it just sitting there earning little or no interest? Check out how you can make it increase fast.

The Story the Media Is Missing

“Europe is unraveling… ” or so the story goes 24 hours a day at various levels of intensity. It’s not as though the media has a slight bent toward sensationalism or something – that’s a joke in case you’re from out of town. There’s a very exciting story that is plain on the face of it.

What the (Not-So) Safety Bubble and What It Spells for Retirees

I’ve written at length about why the “safe” investing instruments might not be so safe. There is another nuances to the investing environment right now.

How the Treasury Rates Can Tell You How to Invest

Five years ago (Spring 2007), if you had told me that the 10-year US Treasury Rate would have been 1.39% (as it was briefly last week), I would have asked how big the meteor was that hit the earth. On the one hand, very low interest rates are a good thing because it presents low cost capital to people and businesses to make it as easy as possible for them to spend or invest in their businesses.

Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Financial Planners

When it comes to managing finances, a lot of men and women are not well equipped with the skills and knowledge to do so. That is why hiring financial planners to assist you is considered a necessity. These are the people who have undergone the right training and acquired licenses that ensure that they provide quality work. However, not everyone knows how and where to look for these experts.

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