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Planning for 2016

Are you like most people who make New Year’s resolutions or do you plan instead for the coming New Year? If you are more of a person who plans, I believe your first step to planning is to evaluate your 2015. Have your plans succeeded? If your plans were not fulfilled, what went wrong? What caused your failure? If you have succeeded in accomplishing your plan, what did you do right that you can replicate to achieve the same success for the coming New Year and even surpa

The Economics of Yachting: A Story of Razor-Fin Margins

A short look at the yachting industry from the outside would only reveal its superficial traits, opulent luxury, astronomic sales prices and an insane economic structure with exorbitant purchase orders. However parts of this are true, some realities are often overlooked in the yachting industry and we have set out to analyze in-depth the economics of yachting. For starters, we must state that purchasing a yacht is not a rational decision.

How to Find Your Investment Advisor

Finding the right investment advisor can make a big difference in your financial success. Learn more about the things to consider in your search.

Different Wealth Management Tips You Must Know

There are ways on how you can boost your income and build wealth. It would be a great idea for you to get expert help.

How Your Attitude Affects Your Money Making

Just think of two men trying to find their way out of a maze. One man will search and search for the exit with all the hope in the world. However, after awhile he will reach a dead end and be discouraged, he may even give up and resign to live out the rest of his existence in the dark, gloomy maze.

Residual Income – Part 2

One way to build residual income is through real estate. It is simple, buy a property and then put some or all parts of it up for rent. Sure you may have to do some repairs here and there, big repairs every 6 or 7 years, but do you really have to constantly repair the same things over and over and over again?

Residual Income – Part 1

Why do you knuckleheads want to work for the rest of your life? Wouldn’t you want to sit back and enjoy life instead of having to be in this cycle of waking up, working, paying the bills over and over and over again?The only real way to do this is through residual income.

What Principles Guide Your Money Making Decisions?

When individuals are looking at how to obtain the “American Dream” in a legal manner, they are left with two ways to achieve their goals. Through linear or leveraged income strategies. We will discuss both and there outcomes.

Five Common Myths About Money

People who gamble or find excuses not to save will usually say… “I don’t care about money, its not everything. It can’t buy me happiness.” When infact money can buy us happiness and a life to go with it. The truth is that there are many health benefits with little or no stress in relation to how it can enhance our health

Increasing Your Income – The Attitudes That Prevent You From Bringing In More Money

There are commonly held attitudes that interfere with the ability to increase your income. Sometimes, you’re aware of having these attitudes and where they come from. Often though you have no awareness of them and that is when they are particularly deadly. Then, they are unseen obstacles. You don’t even understand what the problem is. Let’s look at a few of the most common attitudes that get in the way of clients when they want to increase their income. Do you have some of these attitudes?

4 Keys To Unlock Your Income Mindset – Are You Looking For Financial Freedom?

Ask yourself – Are you working for your money or is money working for you? Whether you are in a job, in a start-up, or have an established business on your own, we all want to have financial freedom so that we can live the life we want, without having to worry about our personal finance, the well being of our family, our career, or our business. How do you break your limiting beliefs about money and income and unlock your high income/high success mindset? There are 4 keys to unlock your income mindset and set you on a path to a successful home based or online business.

Financial Freedom, A Gift

Money is one form of power. But what is more powerful is financial intelligence. Money comes and goes, but if you have the education about how money works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth.

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