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How to Make Money Whether You Have a Job Or Not

Discover how just about any average Joe can utilize the internet to make an income. Forget fear because it literally makes no difference whether you are totally out of work or the number one person in a multinational corporation.

How to Draw More Wealth Into Your Life

Becoming wealthier is more about your daily thoughts, beliefs and habits than it is about any specific steps you take to add to your bottom line. When it comes to using the Law of Attraction to become more abundant, there are simple habits you can adopt that will have a large impact on the state of your finances.

Ways of Generating Extraordinary Wealth

Long term investment is not a very popular form of stock market investment; but the people who follow this strategy are all great visionaries. Warren Buffett is one of them who has made great name for himself by following a long term investment strategy.

Financial Literacy – Think Debt Free

The next critical shift is your thinking is to think debt free. As you can not create wealth if your money is being consumed by debt. And this consumption of your money could be one of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in your life – especially when your debt keeps rising and the bills seem never ending.

Think Like a Millionaire and You Will Become One

This mentality doesn’t mean you start spending like a millionaire, it means you should think like one. Specifically, a millionaire who made his own money and didn’t just inherit it. It has to be the mentality of someone who understands the value of what he has.

The One Sure Wealth Creating Strategy

I’ve been a part of many startup firms. A past Marine Officer, an defense contractor, an IT professional, a telecommunications start up guy, and an entrepreneur, I’ve created a ton of wealth and I’ve lost just as much. 25 years after finishing college, I KNOW the best sure way to build wealth, increase income, and have peace of mind. This article describes that understanding.

If You Want to Become Rich, This Simple Basic Wealth Principle Will Make You Very Rich!

My previous article discussed WHY you must become RICH. And if you followed the thread carefully, there is a simple but basic WEALTH Principle behind all legitimate Wealth. It is an open SECRET. But just in case it was not very obvious, I now expressly reveal to you exactly HOW you can apply this PRINCIPLE to become RICH, very rich. Please read on!

Building Wealth and Improving Net Worth is Not Rocket Science

Much like other life goals a financial goal should begin with a concrete plan. Having a plan of action will help you stay on the right track. Know what to do will help you lower your debt and begin a life of financial freedom!

Financial Literacy – Think Wealth Creation

Thinking Wealth Creation is the most important shift in your thinking that must be made if you are to achieve your goal of financial independence. And to make this shift in thinking you must understand what wealth really is. So the question then is “What is Wealth?”

Residual Impact

If any of you have built your own business or even had a very time intensive sort of job, you understand first hand that a business requires your attention 99% of the time. Under those terms, you have not created for yourself an avenue to be wealthy, you can created an avenue to be extremely busy to the point in which any original goals can become harder and harder to attain. For me personally, that was my reality. I built a very successful business but I didn’t have any time for anything else… until I learned the effects of residual impact!

Be a Contrarian

One of the things I mentioned in our class is to look forward toward what the future is bringing and not in the rear-view mirror (like “past” investment performance). One set of indicators to look at are called “contrary” indicators. Contrary indicators are things that are actually the opposite of the consensus or majority.

Creating a Wealth Mindset

They’re simple, but they’re not easy. It’s kind of like visiting a foreign country. The country operates smoothly with a language you’re not familiar with. For a local guide who lives there, it’s not a problem, but for a visitor, it can be a major source of frustration.

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