Wealth Building Secret of the Super Rich – The Amazing Power of Compounding

Most people have undoubtedly heard this before, but few ever sit down and figure out how to make it work in their own personal finances. This is especially true of internet marketers who are bombarded by promises of easy and immediate riches.

When and How to Find the Right Investment Advisor for You

If the fear of making the wrong move with your money is stressing you out, you may want to hire an investment advisor. Ask yourself these questions before hiring professional help.

How To Become Wealthy Starting Today

Why is it that everyone wishes for wealth yet so few attain it? It’s not because they are not smart enough. It’s not because they are not educated enough, and it’s not because they don’t work hard enough. On the contrary, most people already work too hard.

2015, The New 2008

A seven year crash cycle has emerged, starting in 1994 with the bond market crash, leading to the stock market crash of 2001, and then of course there was 2008. Many in the investment and finance community see the worst crash of all coming in 2015.

Three Keys to Strengthening Your Financial Resolve in 2015

It takes a lot of practice (and willingness) to become a champion of responsible spending and saving to meet your long-term goals. If you’re a bit out of shape in the financial department, don’t try to change everything overnight. Instead, embark on a financial evolution that fosters the kind of behaviors that will improve your financial standing over time.

Grow Wealth Without Any Extra Income

Situations can change at a moment’s notice. Find out how to grow wealth without adding any extra income to the plate. Get a sense of peace and give back to the community you love. Be free to do what you want and break the chains that enslave you to the lender.

Bonanza! The 1.7% Social Security COLA for 2015

Seniors on Social Security are no doubt celebrating after learning that, come January 2015, their payouts will go up a whopping 1.7%. By federal law, Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (COLA) link to the inflation rate of the Wages Consumer Price Index (CPI-W). In 1975, when Social Security disbursed the first COLA, recipients got an 8% raise. But that was then and this is now.

Becoming Financially Free – Successfully Finding Freedom in Financial Life – Possible or Not?

Freedom is doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, and most importantly, having the resources, both physical and financial, to do so. In March of 1992, the Network Marketing industry’s skyrocketing success served as the lead story for SUCCESS magazine. It outsold every issue in the 100 year history of the magazine. So, what was it that many had already figured out and still many more wanted to?

Legacy Planning Is Not Just for the Rich – See How $5,000 Can Impact 3 Generations

Legacy Planning is Estate/Family Wealth Planning over generations. This type of planning is not only reserved for the rich. See how a mere $5,000 can impact 3 generations.

What Is the Rule of 72?

The Rule of 72 is used to estimate an investment’s doubling time. The number 72 is divided by the interest percentage per period to obtain the approximate number of periods (usually years) required to double your initial investment.This is a very simple and powerful tool to use to evaluate some of your investments.

Profit and Loss Calculator: How to Calculate the Net Profit of Your Business

The profit & loss calculator comes handy in calculating the net profit of a business. Profit is derived from the money obtained from sales, cost of stocks and the expenses incurred. Profits are maximized when you keep a keen eye on each of these items.

Australia the Lucky Country? Try the Land of Broke Retirees

If you grew up in Australia with Baby Boomers as parents, keeping in mind they were raised by parents who lived through a depression, you were most likely told that debt is bad and should be avoided at all costs.. The safest way to secure your future was to save a large deposit then buy a home. Retirement in 2014 is a much different proposition that the majority of people are yet to fully understand the consequences and lifestyle they will end up with in their golden years.

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