Trading Data to Action – An Intelligent Way to Read the Market

Jesse Livermore once stated, “There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.” Reading the tape can be broken down into specific pieces that if followed can increase the chances and probabilities of success. The decisions that are made trading are the same type of decisions that are made in business and in everyday life. The act of looking at the market can be overwhelming if not taken in chunks. Drawing upon the work done in Business Intelligence, the steps for breaking down the market are as follows. Look at the data, determine what the data is showing provides information, draw insights from that information; make informed decisions, and then put those decisions into action. Sounds simple. Let’s look at each one more closely.

Creating Wealth for Your Kids

Creating wealth for kids starts with a parent’s attitude to wealth and wealth creation. If a parent has no value on wealth creation chances are their children will not either. Where a parent has a high value on wealth creation chances are their children will also learn these same attitudes to money. Wealth is not a mystery it is achieved through diligent application of some basic principles and processes.

Being an Entrepreneur in 2011 – Why Is It So Different, Or Is It?

To me, entrepreneurship is so much more than a broad definition. It contains many different aspects that correlate in order to reach one goal. Entrepreneurs find ways of generating money in different ways, by not only incorporating generic ways of doing things, but also fusing unconventional ways, ways often referred to as “thinking outside the box.”

Tax Lien Investing 101: The 4 Things You Need To Know

There are 4 things that you need to know about the state/county that you are investing in before you purchase a tax lien. Those 4 things are…

The Black Woman’s Biggest Barrier to Wealth

As women of color, we arguably have some of the most difficult factors working against our quest for personal wealth, but there is one obstacle in particular that holds us back more than all the others: fear. I get asked all the time if I experienced any fear when I made the decision to leave my comfortable full time job to pursue starting my own business and working for myself. The answer is, unequivocally, YES!

Spread Betting in a Bear Market

Even when the market is looking gloomy spread betting still allows you to profit from a falling market, plus it is free from taxes like Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty. Of course you can lose as well as win, so make sure you soak up all the provided information, latest news and even test it out using a free demo account.

Energy Deregulation – The Next Great Wealth Trend, Fact, Fiction, or Unknown?

“If you could get in front of a present day wealth trend, that had the potential to make you money, and furthermore, if this wealth trend could also save you money, would you be interested?” In 1980, Bill Gates had this idea that every household should have a home- computer.

The Coming Silver Solar Flare

There are some indications coming from various economic sources that may be pointing to solar flare activity in the realm of all things silver. I give the top 3 reasons silver’s powder keg is set to explode.

Reducing Taxable Income Through Real Estate Investments

Reducing Taxable Income through Real Estate Investments – There are more and more people beginning to realize that they are losing way too much of their money in the way of government taxes. For those that go out every day and work a conventional job, the government rewards them by taking thirty-five percent of their earnings.

Are Paid to Drive Ad Programs Legit?

Most likely you’ve seen ads that claim to pay you to drive your car or offer to provide you with a car at no cost to you. Are these companies legitimate or are they a scam? Actually, there is some truth to it but it is a bit more complicated than just joining a program and driving away in a car.

Wealth Building Is Child’s Play

Wealth building is child’s play of that there is no doubt. It doesn’t matter what your background, race, religion or social circumstances are building wealth is one of the easiest things to do… once we are taught how to do it. There is no secret to building wealth, no magic or mystery just a set of proven techniques that when applied provide positive wealth building results.

Build Huge Wealth by Using Your Money to Make Easy Passive Income

There is an old saying that it takes money to make money and that money does not grow on trees. Well, this saying is just that…OLD. Today, it is very much possible to make money without having any startup cash on hand. I have proved this to myself and my students over an over again, and I have seen it firsthand over and over again.

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