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Key Committees Every High School Booster Club Should Have

There are several key committees that every high school booster club should have. Most high school booster clubs today do not have all of these core committees in place.

Why Bordeaux’s First Growths Should Be the First Port of Call for Investors

In this article on fine wine investment, we discuss why Bordeaux’s First Growths have made such effective and reliable assets. We examine how their exclusivity, constitution and strict quality-control standards have contributed to consistent annual price rises; the impact of the supply-demand imbalance; and the effect of new consumers from the BRIC countries.

Cape Verde – An Inspired Investment in an Inspiring Place

Do you find the usual raft of traditional investment products with paltry returns a rather unappealing proposition? If so, you will no doubt be pleased to know there are other options worthy of consideration – an investment property in Cape Verde for instance.

Best Ways to Save Money While Earning Interest

When it comes to saving your money the choices are endless. You can choose to invest your savings in CD’s, savings bonds, investment accounts or you can choose to save your money “traditionally” in a savings account.

Tax Savings of Owning a Small or Home-Based Business

Most regular employees do not realize the economic advantages of running a full or part-time business from their own homes, and therefore, pay the tax man way too much money every year. Here we discuss those advantages with a link to an excel worksheet example.

Choosing Your High School Booster Club Name and Defining Your Mission

When you are just starting your booster club or looking to redefine it, you should start with your booster club name and organizational mission. The name should clearly identify your nickname and/or school, the activity you are supporting and your club name. An effective mission statement should be the driving force behind your group.

Why Do People Lose Money and Why They Will Continue Losing More Money?

Very often, what sets a successful investor different from the rest is their mindset and philosophy when it comes to the world of investing. Although it is arguable as every investor has different strategies and investment tools that contradict each other, you will tend to find that successful investors have similar mindset that sets them different from mediocres. In this post, I would like to touch on mindset that all investors must avoid & how successful investors think:

Scalable Passive Income Generation

The idea of scalability is a powerful one, by building up your passive income streams slowly but surely. Once you have got one idea working, just add to it and do another one!

Multiple Passive Income Streams – The Way To Go!

What is a passive income stream? How does it help me? These are just some of the questions answered here.

Forex Education – Mediocrity Pays

Trading for profit in the foreign exchange (forex) market is possible. However in order to achieve this goal one must be “mediocre”. This is perhaps an odd statement to make considering that in most walks of life being other than mediocre is encouraged for extra gains.

How to Attract Money Through Mind Power

Our beliefs create the circumstances we live in. If we consider ourselves to be unique with valuable skill sets, we steer our lives towards a positive direction and attain success, wealth and happiness. On the other hand, if we consider ourselves worthless, we come across dead ends in life and work. Our deep seated beliefs in the sub conscious mind determine our actions.

Living the “American Dream,” Are You Keeping Your Options Open?

This article shares information regarding working from home, whether you are considering building a business, home based business, or a real job from home. Clearly, if you wish to build wealth, we offer solutions.

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