Your House is Not an Investment, It’s an Expense

When I first learned about real estate, I noticed that Real estate brokers and family members would always refer to their home as a “great investment”. So I would think to myself, wow if this is such a great investment, how come my family and other adults have no money?

Do You Have a Money Journal?

One thing I’m recommending my students do is keep a “Money Journal”. A Money Journal is a place to keep your thoughts, fears, questions, affirmations, and progress with and about money. What we focus on, grows.

How to Go From Broke to Millionaire Without Any Money

Are you tired of being broke? Do you want to enjoy the good life but don’t know how? Using these little known secrets can change your life forever.

The Harder They Fall, the Stronger They Bounce Back!

The Oil Shock of 1973 Major Arab oil producers announced an oil embargo against the United States and its allies in October that year. This was in response to USA’s decision to support Israel during the Yom Kippur War against Syria, Egypt, and Iraq. Oil prices rocketed affecting all parts of the economy.

How to Become Financially Independent Before 40

Are you tired of your job? Does working until your 65 seem to far off? Learn how to use the methods of the new rich to retire before 40.

How to Create Wealth Right Out of High School

When most high school graduates think of their future they believe that college is the logical answer but what they do not realize is that just about everyone has a degree today. It will not separate you from others or get you a great job but thinking outside the box will.

How to Become a Miilionaire Starting With No Money

Are you tired of working at a job and just making ends meet? Why not get rich? Using these underground methods can make you a millionaire.

Silver Troy Ounces – Or – When is an Ounce Not an Ounce?

What is a Silver Troy Ounce? And how it affects your Silver investing!

Ingot Gold Or Coin Gold – Which is the Right Choice For You?

Coin Gold or Ingot Gold that is the question! Sorry to butcher the words of William Shakespeare, but this is the question that many bullion investors have to find an answer to!

Buying Your Gold Coins in Bullion Dealers

You see, gold bullion dealers are only interested in the gold bullion content of the goods they buy. And coins fall into that category. Over time, they receive a huge range of gold coins which they value purely for their metal content. Yes, if something with definite “collector value” like an old gold guinea, heads their way, they will be sure to get full value for it.

The Biggest Lie Ever Told About Wealth

Why is it that 90% of the population finds it so difficult to become rich? It is because all of us have been told the greatest lie of all, the lie that has been keeping us from becoming rich. Before you can ever become wealthy, you must first discover the truth about wealth and remove the wool that has been pulled over your eyes for way too long.

The Gurus All Made Their Fortunes in Market Crises

There’s a small secret behind how many of the world’s investing gurus made their billions. A lot of their profits came from buying stocks of fundamentally sound companies during past market crashes. A big bargain when prices were artificially driven down by extreme sentiment.

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