Can We Really Believe The Economists?

Yesterday I had the fortune of attending a breakfast presentation hosted by the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce. The guest speaker was the respected economist from ATB Todd Hirsch. To be honest, I had heard his name before, but since we’ve stopped watching the news this was the first time I’d ever heard him speak.

4 Easy Ways That Will Snatch Away Your Hard Earned Money

It will take years and years together to build a corpus and a kind of lifestyle that you have desired for the life time. However, it just takes months or even just weeks to lose your hard earned money. There is a wise quote that goes like this, “A stupid person can earn money but only the wise can safeguard it”. So, do you accept this fact? I believe it is 100% true and if you realize the importance of these words, I am sure you will safeguard and will multiply your money tree in the long run.

GIA Certificate

A GIA certificate is a document that is issued by the Gemology Institute of America. Each GIA certificate is unique to the diamond that it represents. Every GIA certificate will have a number written down the left hand side of the document. This number will coincide with the number that is indented or lasered into the girdle of the diamond that it corresponds to.

Why Healthcare Professionals Need Automated Electronic Payment Systems

Using automated electronic payment systems, healthcare providers can make their care more affordable, increase patient acceptance rate, decrease bad debt and improve patient satisfaction. Embracing technology like other industries already have will take medical practices into the 21st century.

Impact of Central Bank Policies and Intervention on Financial Markets

One of the most talked about topics in the financial industry right now is the deflationary environment in the US and the measures taken by the Fed to counter it. At the same time, many in the financial world are lauding the attempts of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe for his attempts to pull the country of its prolonged recession. However, there are many others who criticise such measures because of their inefficiencies to drive real economic growth.

3 Binary Options Trading Tips for New Traders

Fundamental knowledge about binary options is needed for one to be successful in binary options trading. Experts usually say that this type of trading is uncomplicated and can be learned very easily.

The Shift From Jewellery to Investment, Are Diamonds the Next Asset to Acquire?

Christie’s, the world famous auctioneers has sold a pink diamond the size of your thumbnail to a collector for over $39M. Sotheby’s sold a smaller pink diamond just over three years ago for a staggering $46 million. That is more than any buyer has paid for a canvas by Paul Gauguin or even Camille Pissarro. Is this a sign that the more affluent are looking to diamonds as a viable asset class for wealth storage?

The Quickest Way to Get Rich – Stocks!

Do you want to know how rich men get richer and how you can join them? Making money is not hard if you understand some basic principles. Here are some ideas that will help you join the elite.

Top Building Wealth Tip – Don’t Try to Beat the Market

Before you aspire to make any money, in the Stock Market, you need to find out what are the typical errors made by others and then be careful to avoid them…

How to Find the Best Certificate of Deposit Rates

When it comes to money, finding the best product for current needs often revolves around rate and time. For loans, a lower rate is preferred versus a higher rate for savings. The time factor is often dependent on the long term or short term needs at hand. There is a certain give and take to find the right product that provides optimal terms and rate. Finding the best certificate of deposit rates can be easy when following some simple steps.

Beliefs And Wealth – Change Your Self-Worth To Change Your Net Worth

Changing selected negative beliefs can be crucial to overcoming debilitating diseases. But they can also be key to turning around your financial life. In this article, we explore the impact of beliefs on health and on wealth.

Things Rich People Do to Stay Rich

There must be some reason why certain men are able to stay rich, and grow their fortunes, while the rest struggle to make ends meet. If you are tired of being-trapped in the never ending money-chase then…

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