Geographic Business Model: An Endangered Species

The geographic business model is turning into a global one. Truly local businesses have become an endangered species. How many “mom and pop” stores have you seen give way to the shiny new superstore chain down the street? It’s been happening for a long time. As soon as trains and automobiles were invented, people had the ability to travel to buy goods and services-and became less reliant on geographic businesses. Still, the geographic business had an advantage. Sometimes people just don’t want to travel to buy those goods and services-it’s more convenient and less time-consuming to buy from the local, geographic business.

Become A Millionaire And Create Your Own Story Of Success

Do you desire to become a millionaire? So what are those ideas to make money? There are several ways to obtain million dollars which includes being born into it, inheriting or winning a lottery. But for those who do not fall into this category, there are certain ways in which you too can increase your finances.

Asset Management Specialists – People Who Can Help Boost Your Business

If your business greatly involves huge and expensive assets, then getting the help of asset management specialists to ensure that your business’ assets are well taken care of is a must. These people know the ins and outs when it comes to managing assets, which will absolutely prove beneficial for your business.

What to Invest With A Thousand Ringgit?

I had a kid who asked me this question yesterday, “What can I invest with a thousand ringgit?” Instead of giving a direct answer, let’s look at the options that we have:

Wealth Building And The Law Of Attraction

Wealth building and the law of attraction is the beginning of a secure financial future. There would be no other way to see it. If you are going to use the law of attraction which is a positive form of thinking then the possibilities are endless.

An Asset Allocation Strategy Using Geographical Diversification

An asset allocation strategy is what an investor would use when creating a diverse and robust portfolio. Asset allocation refers to the process of choosing which investments and how much of each particular investments is in your portfolio. An asset allocation strategy should be formulated for each investor individually. Each person has different financial objectives and risk tolerance levels. The most important aspect is finding the proper asset mix and feeling comfortable with it.

Money, The Law of Attraction, and Visualization

At this time while reading this, The Law of Attraction is at work in your daily life. It will always be working similar to gravity and other Laws of Nature. Visualize your way to a new way of life.

When to Start Saving – Compounding Interest Made Easy

Everyone says start saving while you’re young. But do you know why? We show you quickly and easily why you should!

Accumulate and Invest

You have the power to make that single decision. Whether to sit around and envy of other people’s success and lifestyle…. Or work hard and smart and live the life that you truly desire. It all depends really on what you are FOCUSING ON!

Personal Injury Trusts and Financial Planning – All You Need to Know

If you or a member of your family has had a personal injury or have been the victim of medical negligence then you many be entitled to compensation. At some point you may receive a significant amount of money to help you to deal with your ongoing medical conditions.

Have Insufficient Funds to Start Business? Acquire Them From Angel Investors

To start a business a lot of money is required, and not everyone has huge capital with them. However, if you have a venture plan, then you can get the funding from angel investors.

Boost Real Estate Commissions With Hard Money Lending

If you’re real estate professional that relies on commissions, the current state of the real estate market has probably put a real dent in your commissions. Banks are making it increasingly difficult for investors to obtain traditional financing to purchase properties and this inability to close for lack of financing probably has you jumping from deal to deal with nothing to show for your time and effort and only pennies in commissions.

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