Government Grants For Women – Do You Know Where to Look?

Whatever the reason, whether it be to pay bills, get scholarship money for your education, or even start a business of your own, numerous government grants for women are widely available. The internet is inundated with grant application businesses and websites, all of them offering women the opportunity to benefit from government grants. The question is, where exactly can you track down the right grant for you?

Are You a Customer of the Bank Or Are You the Bank?

I was checking my online bank balance this morning and I ran across the banner from one of the largest banking institutions in the US, “Bulk up Your Savings with Our High Yield CD – 1.9%.” I started thinking “how high is high?” Do the financial institutions really want us to believe this a high yielding rate? If so, what else do they want us to believe?

Making Money – The Power of Passive Income

The one thing that most rich people will tell you is that one of the keys to financial success is having passive income. Achieving passive income is easy. There are multiple ways to make money while you sleep. Read on to learn more..

Lots of Free Money For Taxpayers

If you are an American citizen who has been actively paying their taxes on every dollar you’ve earned or spent, you may be able to get some of it back in free government grants. Pretty much anyone who is over the age of eighteen years old and an American taxpaying citizen can get free government money to do darn near everything and anything imaginable.

Making Money – How to Keep a Positive Attitude About Money

I know it is challenging to be a single mom and to find ways to make ends meet. That is why running an online business is a great way to have a positive attitude about money. Instead of focusing on what you can not do, or, on what you do not have, keep making a conscious, consistent effort to promote your online business. That is a way to keep a positive attitude about money because a successful online business will bring in money for you and your family. Will you keep on reading to learn how to triumph over adversity?

It’s Crunch Time – We Can Live Through and Get Over It

I like to shop for bargains and look out for discounts. I won’t necessarily buy items that I hadn’t intended to buy though I will buy more of what I intended if they are on offer. This allows for accumulation of future stocks.

Everyone Gets Free Government Money

Most American taxpayers who are over the age eighteen are eligible to receive some amounts of free government money in the form of grants. There are virtually thousands of fabulous opportunities that can be taken advantage of by acquiring one, or several of the free grants that may be offered to you. Here are just a few of the benefits of free unclaimed money…

Wealth Protection Isn’t Only For the Wealthy

Many individuals have turned to annuities to help protect their life savings from further decline. Knowing that their money earns a competitive interest rate that compounds every year has become the new piece of mind for many people.

Important Tips to Help You Save and Earn More Money

During these tough economic times, we all could use some money saving, time saving and money making ideas. Developing a positive mindset and nurturing positive steps that lead us toward our goals are critical to achieve long lasting success, and even to make a few extra bucks in these slow economic times. Spring is here and things are starting to improve, so it is best to get our house in order; save money where prudent and focus on making more to improve your lifestyle.

Having a Wealth Mindset

Wealth is a mindset, and that is really first and foremost in your choice of everything. Wealth is achieving the life you have always dreamed of. I am an internet entrepreneur. I am on target for a six figure income in 2009.

Sell Anything – Turn Your Unused Items Into Extra Cash

Sell anything you don’t use to get rid of your unnecessary objects lying around your home or garage. You basically can sell anything these days.

Cycle Revisited

Interview with John Williams who publishes the Shadow Government Statistics newsletter. He is a professional economist with a great grasp of the real economy. He and I arrived at the same conclusions about almost everything in the economy, despite the fact that we approach it from different directions: me from the fundamentals, and he from real technical and numbers John looks past the government numbers to view on the world as it really is. Shadow Government Statistics reconstructs published government statistics the accurate way we used to do it that reflects reality, rather than the way these numbers are now manipulated, and comes up with different conclusions about the economy, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and other revealing areas published by government. I trust John’s numbers because the government has been manipulating and restating these numbers for purely political purposes. He is an amazing professional economist with a great grasp of the real economy.

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