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Creating Wealth Secret – How to Change Your Associations and Influences

Fact: the five or six people you spend the most time with determines the level of success you will achieve in all areas of your life in proportion to the level of success those five or six people have achieved. Does that mean you need to remove all the people in your life who are not where you’d like to be right now? To delete all the numbers of these people from your cell phone and un-friend them from Facebook and avoid them at all costs?

Why Playing It Safe Is Not The Right Thing To Do

The essence of life is growth and development and in today’s globally competitive environment your personal net worth amount is the yardstick to measure your progress from time to time. Your value must surge every year otherwise you’re out of developmental race.

Should You Loan Your Hard Earned Money to Friends or Family?

Refusing a loan request from friends and family is probably just as delicate as actually lending the money and not getting it back. This is because a lot of emotion is attached to the subject!

Is Creating Wealth in 2011 Still Possible?

Is creating wealth still possible today in 2011? In just a few short years, we went from a period of incredible boom, abundance and prosperity to today’s world of uncertainty, fear and scarcity..

How to Increase Your Likelihood for Creating Wealth

There are a multitude of factors that come into play in the process of creating wealth. Discipline and Consistency are at the top of that list, but one other less obvious yet very important factor that can determine your likelihood to succeed is the influence and association you have with other wealthy people. Everyone’s heard the old maxim: Birds of a feather flock together.

The Shortcut for Creating Wealth and Achieving Success in All Areas of Your Life

Looking for a shortcut to creating wealth? Keep your existing friends, relatives, etc and instead begin surrounding yourself with the TEACHINGS and LESSONS of those whom you’d like to emulate! In other words, it doesn’t have to be live, face to face, person to person. Many of the top achievers in any industry have produced books, audio tapes and seminars that you can gain access to, learn from and implement on a daily basis, thereby in effect absorbing their important messages, attitudes, and mindsets.

Have You Got a Financial Gameplan Yet?

It is no secret that the world is experiencing one of the worst financial disasters in history. What this means for us is that unless we can secure our future and start saving and investing then we might not be living the kind of lives we are accustomed to. For me that’s fine because I keep my expenses down and don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s.

Investing: Spending, Paying Down Debt, Saving or Investing?

This article briefly addresses a few misunderstood concepts of personal finance. Many of us get poor personal finance advice. Most of us do not know enough about the subject of finance to question what we are being told.

Get Yourself An Online Millionaire Plan

The term millionaire really sounds good especially if it’s used together with your name in one sentence. If you want to have financial success, one of the best things that you can do to attain this is getting an online millionaire plan. A lot of people have turned themselves into millionaires through the help of the internet.

Become Rich Fast By Attracting Wealth

How do I become rich fast? That’s a pretty common question that a lot of people are asking themselves every single day. Wealth is indeed one of the most popular preoccupations that people have today.

Learn How To Get Rich Online

If you think that getting wealthy online is a joke or a faux, you’re dead wrong with what you’re thinking because the world wide web is one of the largest cash fountains in the world today. If you want to learn how to become rich online, you need to know the right path to take. To give you a good idea of how much you can earn if you dive into the world of cash making online, some people earn as much as $10,000 per month and those are just the small players.

Quickly Learn How To Invest Your Money

You will need to quickly learn how to invest your money, if you want to be able to build up your investment portfolio. Time is of the essence, because every day that you delay investing is an opportunity lost to earn a return on your investment.

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