?Was that the bottom for Bitcoin & Crypto?

What to Invest In When You Know Nothing About Investing

It’s no secret that many people have lost considerable amounts of money in the last few years. The news is full of heart wrenching tales of 20-year employees without jobs, seniors without pensions, families without homes, and people without hope. Sadly, most of these people will never recover.

Top Building Wealth Tip – Keep It Simple

Are you looking for the best wealth building strategy? Did you ever ask yourself why some people get so lucky in earning money and how they are able to enjoy their lives while others struggle to get what they’ve been wanting? And how some got into the right decision and is successful with it and others try to emulate their success and yet continue to fail?

Why Financial Education Is Priceless

Look around you, look at the number of people who are completely reliant on their jobs for financial security. What if they were made redundant tomorrow, for the majority of the UK population they wouldn’t even have the financial resources to support themselves for 3 months. The reality is even if you work for a large multinational you could lose your job tomorrow.

Creating Wealth – Tips On How To Get Started

Most people have dreams of wealth creation. Basically, people desire material items that they either need or simply want. Therefore, they are eager to find methods and strategies on how to make these purchases possible. Our culture is driven by the economy of money. People need money to survive and those who have the most money, usually live more fully in our society. The Creation of Wealth is important in order to leave a legacy for your family and loved ones when we are gone. Or maybe you just want to donate your money to others in need. Whatever your situation is, wealth creation is a necessary endeavor in order to live a comfortable life.

6 Ways to Save Money

If you want to prepare for your financial future, you had better learn how to save money because saving money is considered as the quickest way to improve your finances. However, many people find that saving money is not an easy thing because they can not find ways to reduce their expenses. In this article I would like to give you some tips on how to save money and I hope these tips can help you.

Don’t Get Sucked Into Class Envy

The progressive would-be opinion makers want to play to your sense of victimhood. They want you to look with envy upon those with more than you have, and to demand “your” share of what they’ve earned. They want you to spend your precious life energy being pissed-off at rich people…

How Much Money Do You Really Need?

I’ve personally invested over $100k in my own business education (not including my MBA) and I’ve leveraged that investment into well over a half-million dollars in the last few years. I’ve said before that I will make my million – in my time and on my terms. And because I’m sensing this strong undercurrent of desperation in many business owners about making 6 or 7 figures, I wanted to invite you to take a different tact: Ask yourself, what’s the least income you can make right now and still live a happy life?

Tips for Creating Wealth

Start doing whatever you thought of, you could. Money likes speed and you exude great energy when acting boldly. Boldness has to be preceded by bold thoughts. Boldness can be equated with genius and power.

Wealth Building and DIY Financial Planning: Being Your Own Financial Advisor, A Good Idea?

To some, financial planning sounds like an area probably best left to full-time professionals. However, in my view, the best thing anyone can do is take full ownership of their own financial affairs with a view to becoming their own financial advisor. This approach combined with ongoing consultation with a Grade A team of high-level financial advisors will lead to the best possible financial outcome for you. Read on to discover more.

How Do I Stop Sabotaging Getting Paid Well for Doing What I Love?

Do you feel great helping other people and organizations, but feel everyone is benefiting except you? Do you receive amazing humanitarian opportunities that do not pay you anything? And, are you struggling with resistance to have the freedom and prosperity to live your life to the fullest, and help the world!

To Become Wealthy Is A Journey – Enjoy It

To become wealthy is the dream of almost every one. But, some people are able to achieve this aim but many fail, however hard they try. If you are one among the multitude who wish to become wealthy, you should understand that it is possible but only if you change your mindset and adopt a few steps.

Economic Collapse: How to Make Money in an Uncertain Economy

The Federal Reserve has played a large role in creating economic uncertainty and the potential for an economic collapse. Through its unprecedented Quantitative Easing, the Fed is creating market conditions that make it difficult for people to calculate their financial future. To thrive during the economic collapse it will be necessary to know what options are available, as well as which ones provide the most potential for profit. The following is a summary of those options and which ones are most prudent in times of economic uncertainty.

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