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Top 10 Tips For Financial Well-Being

In offering my top ten tips to optimize your finances, my holiday wish is to help you make conscious choices about spending in ways that support your values. Money and quality of life are integral to our sense of well-being and our outlook for the future. By aligning your values, goals and actions you begin to take steps today to create a more meaningful life and future, regardless of your financial resources.

Short-Term Savings: How to Make Your Money Work for You Now

Playing the stock market can be overwhelming, and, for some of us, financially impossible. But there are ways to make money on what you have, no matter how big or small that number is.

Money for Wealth

In making money for wealth creation, there are a lot of things we really need to have. These things cost nothing but they are must have. I have really looked round the country and have seen lots of poverty. Not just in my country but all over the countries that makes up the world. Poverty is indeed not what we should be friendly with. You need to fight it with all your might and deeds – but legally.

Quantitative Easing 2 (QE 2) Update and Analysis

On November 3, 2010 the US Fed (Federal Reserve) announced the policy of Quantitative Easing (QE) 2. The stated goal of the policy was to decrease interest rates in order to jump start the economy and reduce the US’s persistent unemployment rate of just under 10%. The major side effects of QE 2 are that it would devalue the US currency and make commodities more expensive since they are valued in US dollars. At the same it would make US manufactured goods cheaper for companies and customers outside the US which should lead to an increase in US exports, at the same time making imports more expensive thus decreasing imports.

My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Review – Who Should You Believe?

My Millionaire Mentor 2011 is an internet marketing training course launching on 25th January 2011. This marketing course is the brainchild of the super successful entrepreneur and Internet marketer Michael Cheney. It is believed to help anyone who has so far under-achieved in their pursuit of online wealth and catapult them to success online. This article aims to separate the fact from fiction.

Borrow Money Only For Long-Term Investment

You shall borrow the money only when you are going to invest it for long-term good returns. Borrowing money for the sake of short-term consumption is not at all advisable. You shall consider buying something that is affordable to you.

What Is the Best Age to Start Investing?

This question is not asked, or answered enough these days. If you’re old enough to ask this question, my question in response would be ‘Why haven’t you started yet?’ Warren Buffett didn’t wait until he was a certain age before he started to invest, and he turned out to be the greatest accumulator of wealth in history. If you have the desire to invest, then learn what you need to learn – which is more of everything, I guarantee it – and then do it.

Lessons You Can Learn From Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Series

By now you’ve probably heard about Robert Kiyosaki’s international bestselling ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. Some people call it a book, some a novel, some a textbook – whatever you call it, and whatever your background, you can get something from it. You may have an MBA, or you may not even know what that is – and it really doesn’t matter, because Kiyosaki’s writing style really is for everyone.

Pension Advice

There comes a time in everyone’s life when there should be serious consideration for getting pension advice that will ensure a good and secure future. With financial situations constantly changing and the number of people who are trying to adopt a smarter working style, it is the best time to think and plan for what may come ahead. With modern technology and the trend of living a healthier lifestyle, the chances of retiring earlier while living a longer and happier life is far better than before.

Bob Proctor – A Review of the Life and Works of Bob Proctor: The Author of ‘You Were Born Rich’

Bob Proctor was born in 1935 in a family of humble folks as the middle child in Ontario, Canada. While growing up, he wasn’t what you would call an exceptional youth. Due to the wide-reaching depression during his growing up days, Bob wasn’t fascinated by studies. Consequently, he didn’t excel at studies and eventually dropped out after barely a handful of months in high school.

World Financial Crisis – An Opportunity to Benefit From It

In every financial crisis there are people that suffer and some that benefit from it. It has always been like that and it will always be. It all depends on your attitude towards it and how you perceive the situation. If you see it as a victim you will probably be affected negatively by it, but if you see the opportunities you may well prosper from it.

Learn Carry Trading To Your Profit

Carry in financial terms is the income from holding an asset (“positive carry”) or the cost of holding an asset (“negative carry”). For example, holding a bond with 10% coupon and financing it with a loan that only costs 3% can be seen as a positive carry trade. Because you are receiving 10% positive interest and paying only 3% in negative interest.

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