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How to Cope With Winning the Lottery

It is not easy to cope with wealth that comes suddenly. There are so many stories about lottery winners who got sued by their spouse or family because they wanted a slice of the winnings. Relatives and friends will try to convince the winner to be a partner in all sorts of shaky businesses.

A Financial Success Opportunity – What it Takes to Succeed in One in 2010

A financial success opportunity is one that must have hard work and dedication but only a few will ever achieve such success. But many people are not willing to put the effort in to see the results that can provide financial freedom for them and their family.

How to Make Money With Finders Fees

Right now is a great time to learn how to make money with finders fees. Lots of unclaimed funds are being created and held by the government, and the rightful owners of these funds need money finders to get their money back for them – before it is lost permanently to the government, in some cases.

Money Solutions – 911

To get debt free and stress free all you need is money solutions…not 911! Considering the unexpected turn of events in so many areas of our lives, it pays to give sound financial management a very serious thought. Money solutions with the proper system offers you guidance to address this requirement.

Why Wealth Creation is Fun

All of us dream of becoming rich one day. We harbor that secret desire of owning a fancy car, going on expensive holidays and buying all that we cannot have. We read about rich celebrities, their lifestyle and get jealous. Whether you accept it or not, you must have also experienced a bout of jealousy on meeting a rich friend who has everything that you always wanted to buy but could not afford. So, is wealth creation all about destiny? While it is true that some fortunate people stumble upon a family treasure and become rich overnight, retaining that kind of wealth is no mean task.

Money – That’s Where It’s At

Do you believe that all you are good for is working hard for money? Does it preoccupy your mind all the time? Money, that’s where it’s at in life and you are nothing or no one without it do you believe this statement?

Making Money is in the Mind

Why is it in the mind, well making money can be mind controlling or the other way around, you have to control your mind if you are going to make money. This is because unless you have your mind set on your goal you are not going to reach it.

3 Tips For Building Your Financial Security and Retirement Savings

Almost all of us worry about our financial security and our savings for retirement. We sometimes may imagine what it would be like to not have any savings and have to survive on the pittance that will be available to us through Social Security. We probably imagine living on the streets, on charity, or otherwise dependent on other people just to survive.

How to Start a Business You Can Sell One Day

It’s hard to sell a business in the best of times, but it’s even tougher in today’s tightfisted market. That’s why it is so important to start a business with the end in mind.

Predicting Your Financial Future

As we recover from one of the worst economic downturns in our history, more and more people are choosing to take control of their financial future by looking at their financial present and past and then developing a strategic plan that will help them achieve their future objectives. Whether their goal is for short term financial prosperity, saving for a child’s education or ensuring retirement plans are secure, a financial analysis can help us focus our attention and mobilize our efforts far more effectively than random actions from time to time.

5 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

There are a lot of people teaching others how to achieve financial freedom, but how many people are actually financially free? The path to achieve financial freedom is different for everyone so what works for one person might not work for you. Here are 5 steps to achieve financial freedom by developing your own personal freedom game plan.

Be an Owner, Not a Loaner (To Make Money, Which is Better?)

The average American’s failure to understand this principle and put it into practice has sown the seeds of a stark financial future for ourselves and our families. Shakespeare’s immortal words, “neither a borrower, nor a lender be”, have never been more appropriate.

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