?These could start the next Crypto bull market

Wealth Creation – If I Could Turn Back Time

Firstly, it is worth pinpointing those key ‘turning point’ moments in your past, the sort of moments that called for action or decisiveness, and the outcome would be vastly better today if the choices you made had been different. Be honest with yourself, and try to get to the bottom of why you didn’t act. No doubt there was something at the time that may have been a good reason, but with the benefit of wisdom and hindsight, you now realise you should have just found a way, or looked harder for a solution.

Comfort Zone to Discovery Zone and Back

Now, let’s take a look at what happens once you get comfortable. Let’s suppose that you’ve gotten comfortable. You know that you can rely on yourself to handle your business professionally, and you know that if your professionalism slips, it’s not the end of the world.

Wealth Creation – The Cow and the Calf – A Look at How Investments Are Priced

A look at how investments are priced and why the end of financial year can lead to panic stations. I often receive phone calls from clients, in the early weeks of a new financial year, somewhat distressed at by the fact that the value of their investment portfolio has fallen by a significant amount more than what is reported in a market update the night before. After speaking to several advisers, and it becoming apparent that this was a common line of enquiry, I came to the following line of thought…

What it Means to Trust God in Your Finances

When you learn to have confidence in God’s ability to bless you financially, new doors begin to open up in your life. You’ll experience prosperity in ways you never knew existed! Discover how you can start this process today.

The Millionaire Mindset – Have You Got What it Takes to Become a Millionaire Online?

Each year more millionaires are being made on the internet. The number of people working online has doubled in the past couple of years and it is only going to increase. Have you got what it takes to become successful? As you read through this article, think positive and take the information with an open mind. Success is just around the corner…you just have not realized it yet.

History Lessons Could Teach Us Many Ways to Become a Millionaire

There are many, many ways to become a millionaire. People only hope that they are easy to learn and apply in their own pursuit toward the fulfillment of their own ambitions. There are a lot of avenues to learn the ways to become a millionaire.

You Could Be a Millionaire, Too

Have you caught yourself wishing for the stars that you could someday be a Millionaire, too? Have you found yourself buying the lottery tickets everyday and waiting for the draw, only to be disappointed that your numbers didn’t make it? The chances of becoming wealthy by wishing on a star or winning the lottery are very slim.

Secret Weapons of Millionaires

Do you have an aspiration to become very rich? Do you want to enjoy the good life that only a few are experiencing right now? Do you have what it takes to walk along the same roads taken by the most prominent and successful businessmen, celebrities and distinguished gentlemen out there?

What Lord of the Rings Taught Me About Making Money and Following Your Dreams

Lord Of The Rings is a great tale and has a lot to teach us about making money and following our dreams. This article will show you what I have learned from Lord of The Rings that has made me richer and made my life better.

Be Cautious When You Choose a Dealer to Sell Old Jewelry

Due to the rise in demand for gold a person has numerous options where they can sell their old jewelry. There are many jewelry shops as well as brokers that are gold dealers. You need to have kind of understanding of the process when selling old jewelry. You can also choose a dealer to sell old jewelry should you have several items that you want to sell.

Got Jewelry to Sell? Then Choose a Dealer to Sell Old Jewelry

The gold prices have risen considerable and you can now sell old jewelry pieces to many different dealers. Frequent various stores that deal with old jewelry and you can contact brokers which also purchase gold. You need to have a fair amount of knowledge about selling old jewelry.

Information If You Want to Get Cash For Jewelry

Do you have lots and lots of items of jewelry that you no longer wear? Have you just fallen out with your partner and want to get rid of jewelry that he or she has bought you? Or perhaps you have had family members give you items of jewelry over the years that you no longer want.

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