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Wealth Creation and Prosperity – What Are Riches?

“Had I but plenty of money, money enough to spare,” wrote Robert Browning. And money is the greatest attribute of riches. A universal desire, money is the materialization of riches, the stuff that makes the rest possible.

Don’t Raise The Debt Ceiling, Ever

Regardless of the wheeling and dealing that’s been going on for weeks in the hallowed halls of Washington, there is no good reason to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling. Ever.

Georgia On My Mind: For Redeemable Tax Deeds

Even though Georgia is a redeemable tax deed state, the redeemable deeds in Georgia are much like tax liens, with one big difference that means more money in your pocket. If that isn’t enough to make you think about investing in Georgia, here’s another benefit: The redemption period is only one year, not 2 or 3 years as it is in a lot of tax lien states.

For Optimum Asset Allocation, Your Investments Must Meet Your Goals

There is only one investment strategy that works every time: Buy low, sell high. Even though it is often given as “tongue-in-cheek” advice, the common sense of the statement is undeniable – yet millions of people do just the opposite. They jump on the bandwagon of a high-flying stock, and they get out of Dodge when a stock’s price has been tumbling for a while.

The Science of Getting Rich

Thought is an energy that moves formless substance, unbridled potential, and fashions it in the world of form. The individual creates the world of experience by the thoughts he or she holds in his or her mind. Thinking in a certain way, controlling creative thought, is the key to riches; the key to achieving or experiencing anything and everything in life.

Gold Prices Rise As Demand for Gold Increases

Many of the reasons people find for allocating their assets is due to gold’s independence and unique relationship with currency, especially the US Dollar. Investment Research Manager at the World Gold Council said in an article by Gold Investing News, “It is not a single characteristic, but a combination of many factors that combined provides this uniqueness. Gold should be viewed as a separate distinct asset class which is a foundation to a well-diversified portfolio; as for those investors who are seeking to achieve true diversification, gold provides benefits that cannot be replicated by investing in a broad basket of commodities alone.”

Gold Prices Soar in Popularity

Buying gold coins is a popular pastime nowadays among many people – gold investors and coin collectors from around the world. People have taken to gold for thousands of years and considered it symbolic of power, royalty, wealth, prosperity, luck, and in some cases, even divinity. The power of gold has transcended time and cultures and become a fixture in modern day global finance, where it plays a large and quite visible role.

Can I Invest In Tax Liens With Money From My Retirement Account?

Here’s a question that I get often; “Can I invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds with money from my retirement account?” The answer to this question is yes, if you have a self-directed IRA or solo 401(k).

Becoming Like Wealthy Individuals

Have you ever come across any wealthy individual that had only one stream of income? Rarely is there such a thing. They always have multiple income streams. It may be like shares in blue chip companies, several houses on which they collect rents and many other business interests they have.

How to Make Financial Decisions With Confidence and Certainty

Do you find that when you’re faced with opportunities to spend money on things that you really do want for yourself or for your career, you get stuck in confusion? Do you go back and forth with “should I or shouldn’t I?” Perhaps you suffer with not being able to make important decisions easily. You get so excited and then you talk yourself out of it. Would you like to know how you can become clear, make the right decisions, and feel confident that things will work out okay?

Self Directed IRA For Real Estate Investing

Aging Americans face two dilemmas – increasing taxes and low returns on investments. The Self-Directed IRA is designed for individuals to take control of their own retirement investing. As Real Estate Investors, we take advantage of the Self-Directed IRA to grow our cash flow and portfolio of properties, creating a sizable nest egg for our retirement.

Creating Wealth Secrets – Why Financial Discipline Is Important and How To Have It

As I’ve written in previous posts on creating wealth, becoming financially free occurs once your passive income (from a residual income business or properly managed rental income property, for example) exceeds your monthly expenses. In order for that to happen you must know exactly how much PASSIVE INCOME you’re creating each month AS WELL AS the amount of your monthly expenses. That requires tracking your income and expenses, which most people just don’t do.

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