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Understanding Your Net Worth Statement – For Richer Or Poorer?

It’s not what you currently own that determines whether you’re rich or poor. What’s more, just because both my wife and I could be living in a big house in an upmarket suburb, drive two Mercs, and take our youngsters to an expensive school, does not automatically mean we’re rolling in fabulous wealth like Ali Baba of the Arabian Nights story. Also the fact that you have a minus (-) net worth does not necessarily mean all is lost. You see, most people know that life is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes, and through no fault of yours, things can go topsy-turvy on you. For richer or poorer.

Extra Cash Secrets For Tough Times – How to Make Your Advertising Work Every Time

In other articles I have explained how you can easily make an extra $500-$5000 a month through online ventures. No matter the venture, you will have to advertise in some way shape or form to get people to buy whatever you are selling. This article reveals the proven secret you need to know to make sure your advertising works every time.

What is Financial Planning Anyway?

“Financial planning” is a term that has been widely used over the last couple of decades to attempt to explain the activities of investment, insurance and tax professionals. While it has been used more and more by these professionals for marketing purposes, the term is largely misunderstood by the public because the activities to which the name is applied vary as much as the entire financial industry.

Stock Market Investors Beware

Fixed Index Annuities are long-term investment programs offered through insurance companies where one can invest his money and guarantee the principal. Interest is then credited to the account based on the performance of a stock market index (such as the S&P 500). If the index goes up in a particular year, then the account is credited a portion of the gain up to a certain “cap” (a ceiling or limit). If the index goes down, then the account loses zero – nothing. The tradeoff is that you will give up some of the upside in exchange for no losses. This is certainly not a panacea, but it does have application in the appropriate circumstances.

The 4 Critical Mistakes Investors Make

Know the laws of investing and quit following the herd into financial destruction. Do you know the irrefutable laws in investing?

Wealth Building and Debt Removal – How Debt Relief Can Help You Raise Your Financial Level

Wealth building and debt work in reverse directions. Building up your wealth is a difficult task but building up your debt isn’t. Take a look back at how you developed your debt and you will get the answer. All these years you have been swiping your Credit card with glee. When it came to payback time you realized that you had no money to clear your debt.

Build Wealth Quickly – 3 Simple Asset Allocation, Wealth-Building Strategies

If you are wondering how to build wealth, then this article will give you a good overview of the 3 typical ways you can build wealth quickly. These aren’t difficult to understand and others have made their millions by excelling at one of these choices.

Getting Rich Quick – You’re Already Wealthy

“Get rich quick”: how many times have we heard this cliche? Too many. Just posing the question is a cliche in its own right. We live in a society of instant gratification and economic decay. Getting rich quick has become the mantra of many, many people.

Your Financial Diet is Critical

Think about financial planning like a diet plan, and you’ll see that it’s like anything else you do in life: It all begins with a plan. There are some quick and easy financial “dieting” tips that have your financial fitness in mind and will help you find the “fun in finance.”

The Seven Secrets of the Rich – Part 3 of 7 – Gamble, But Wisely

Risk-taking seems to be built into the DNA of the rich. Not surprisingly many are avid card players, such as financier Henry Kravis, Investor Steven Cohen and Carl Icahn and the nation’s most famous bridge partners, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Is it Possible to Get Wealthy Without Trying?

There is a large percentage of people who dream of riches and making money but most want it to happen without doing anything about it. The only way this could happen is if one inherits wealth, but you could run through that with the escalation of expenses if you do not work at increasing this inheritance.

Personal and Financial Success “Secrets” Needed to Turn Your Desires Into Gold

Another priceless lesson from my mentor of 10 years is the story of the magic formula of Andrew Carnegie that he used to achieve millions of dollars. Andrew Carnegie’s secret was a magic formula that will help you achieve any goal provided your desire is strong enough.

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