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Retirement Planning Consultant Services

Approximately one third of your life will be spent in retirement. It is important to plan ahead to be able to provide for yourself and enjoy this time of your life. Retirement is never too difficult to handle. However, many still have the misconception that retirement is a burden and a very difficult situation.

Most Wealth is Built Through Real Estate But There is Another Way

Most of the wealth that is built in this country is created through the buying, selling and owning of real estate. We see courses offered on television about how to become rich by buying depressed properties and fixing them up, or purchasing foreclosures at a great deal and selling them for a higher price. Whatever the case may be, real estate investing is a valid way to amass quite a fortune. Not everyone has the knack for it nor the talent, however, not to mention the money that it takes to start such an endeavor.

I Won Big in the Lottery! Now What?

You won a large amount of money in the lottery and your first instinct is to spend some of that loot, but you want to be smart about it. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be the lottery, it could be an inheritance, a settlement, or any other sort of windfall. It may not be in the millions of dollars, but, if you’re smart, you can greatly improve your situation.

How to Build Wealth in a Struggling Economy

Gone are the days when a good old fashioned job yielded the best security for a person to provide for the family. Pension plans are extremely rare in the current economy. 401K plans are not producing the yields they once could. Real estate, once a solid investment, has seen corrections like never before.

Canadians – TFSA Interest Free Nest Egg 2009 New Government Tax Free Savings Plan

It is not all that often that Canadian citizens and taxpayers get real breaks in life from those lovely people at the CRA Canada Revenue Agency. This time the luck of ordinary Canadians has borne fruit. Beginning this year in 2009 there is now a routine and system in place officially by government legislations for a standardized way for Canadians aged 18 years and older to save up to $ 5,000 annually in a “Tax Free Savings Account”. You may have seen this program in the news on TV or in your local newspaper referred to as the “TFSA” program.

Selling Gold For Profit – The Easiest Path to Selling Gold For Profit

Many people are selling gold for profit in order to pay off bills or to have extra pocket money. By learning about the gold industry, you too can be selling gold for profit.

Selling Gold Jewelry Online For Maximum Profit

As you have been hearing over and over again over the last few months, gold is at an all time high. This means a few things for consumers like us. First of all, if you were lucky enough to invest in gold last year you are seeing a significant increase in its value. Secondly, at this point in time you can get more money for your gold jewelry than at any point in history.

Innovative Wealth Builders

Innovative wealth builders are needed more and more these days. The old 9-5 jobs are not so easy to come by these days. Social security is going bankrupt and health care is a question mark. There are a lot of people out there with ideas that could possibly change their lives for the better, as well as effect many others for good.

How to Raise Money For Christmas Gifts With Craigslist

If you are like most Americans, your Christmas shopping this year will be done on a very strict budget. Of course, it is more important to pay your bills and put food on the table, but you don’t want to feel like you are shortchanging your friends and family. A good way to prevent this feeling is by raising some extra money for Christmas gifts. You have lots of options, but I encourage you to checkout Craigslist.

Best Place to Sell My Gold – Where to Sell Gold For the Best Deal

I have wondered for some time where the best place to sell my gold would be. With some patience and research, I was able to determine that the best place to sell my gold was with an online gold buyer.

Some Guidance For Those Nouveaux Riches

If you’re one of those with nouveaux riches, it can be challenging to overcome the assumption that you don’t know how to handle money because it’s new to you. You’ll find that the best way to manage your new found wealth is to be responsible and plan carefully. The Dollar Stretcher states there are some rules that can help make it easier.

Your Mindset and Your Money

The way you think and the beliefs you hold are reflected in how successful you are (success defined as YOU would like it!) and how much money comes into your life. These are not new ideas.

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