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What to Expect From Gold in the Next 6 Months

Investors should keep in mind that bull market never moves straight up. If it does, it’s called a bubble, and bubbles eventually tend to burst. Instead, gold markets have been moving exactly as predicted, with big sudden movements up and down on the way to much higher prices in the future.

Inflation and Deflation Are Not the Real Problem

A major issue debated on the yak financial channels is whether the US and world economies are entering into an inflationary or deflationary period. Print newspapers and financial press never miss a day to highlight their latest report about managing the gas loading of the currency bubble.

The New Rules to Get Rich – Times Have Changed, Will You?

According to the social security administration, if you were to follow 100 people through the 40 years of their working career to the time of their retirement you’d discover the following things to be true: One of them would be wealthy. Four of them would still be working because they HAD to, not because they wanted to. 36 of them would be dead.

Warren Buffett, the Legendary Investor

From a very young age, Warren Buffett was obsessed with making money and had a very clear dream of becoming a millionaire before 35. Warren was born during the depression when his dad was in the verge of bankruptcy. At a very young age, Warren learn the true value of money and the importance of being financially secure.

What Money Really Is

Whenever the conversation of money is broached it is almost as volatile as that of religion or politics. Some will claim that it is the key to happiness others that it is the root of all evil. Some will say they can’t live without it and others will say that it is useless to them.

The DIY Financial Plan

I like to call this the core and explore method of financial planning. This method is all about balancing the following three areas of your money. At the end of the day, you need money for necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing.

8 Frugal Money Saving Tips That Are Proven to Work

Maybe frugal money saving tips were never important to you before. Nowadays, they’re a necessity. Most of us only learn frugality when past-due bills mount up.

Living Large to Living on Less

Stop using your Credit Cards, period. Start living on what you make and save, save, save!

Wealth Intelligence – The Tortoise and the Hare

How often have you seen people who are smarter, richer, more powerful and more talented than you? Just because these people have a head start in life, that doesn’t mean that they will win the race. If you will keep the FAITH in yourself, do the things that most people isn’t willing to do, and keep making PROGRESS on a daily basis, the WINNER of the race is going to be YOU!

Ideas on How to Save Money

Putting away money for saving in these days of spiraling costs is difficult. However, saving is not impossible despite ever increasing expenses. Saving is important.

How to Save Money in This Economy

Saving money in this economy is difficult but not impossible. Prudent and strict financial and budget control can help increase savings and reduce spending and help households save a tidy sum even in this economy.

How to – Effective Techniques For Avoiding and Overcoming Procrastination in Life, Time and Money

Overcoming procrastination is at the top of many people’s lists for bettering themselves in life, time and money. And it should be. Overcoming procrastination boosts your personal time management skills, reduces stress, strengthen your cash flow and allows you to get things done.

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